PlanNet Marketing is proud to welcome Michelle Carr to the 20/20 Club! Michelle shares that “I am proud native of Chicago. But where I’m from, my DNA, I was born into and raised by a family of entrepreneurs – parents, grandparents and extended family. Growing up, Chicago was the melting pot for minority business owners. If you had vision, drive, determination, and talent, you could own and operate a successful business in Chicago. My father had the vision and a highly specialized sought after skill set, and my mother had the business acumen, and together they executed their dream, Pierre’s Auto Body. Known around the country for his custom paint jobs and being one of a few skilled fiberglass (think Corvettes) auto body repairmen in the US, my parents created something from nothing! And it was a non-negotiable requirement that my siblings and I learn the family business too - my brother learned auto body, while my sister and I learned business ownership. 

“I am a 20+ year resident of Lithonia, Georgia, where I live with my husband, Dedrick, and three sons - Franck, Brandon, and DJ, and our dog, Rosa, (wo)man’s best friend. My interests are family, travel, and mentorship…helping people succeed when they can’t see their own success. My biggest reward is showing average people how they can not only turn travel dreams into reality, but how to become a travel business owner. Through mentorship and coaching, staying “plugged in,” and having vision, drive, determination, and talent (remember I have a Chicagoan business spirit) - I have booked over $100K in group sales in just two years! I get excited just knowing that I have achieved this due to my ownership in this $8 trillion travel industry. As I always tell my team and potential clients, I AM a travel business owner, not a travel agent, but an owner!  I AM PlanNet Proud!

“Growing up, my mother was very adamant in making certain that we were exposed to opportunities, especially travel. There was always a family summer trip planned, and next to Christmas and my birthday, I always looked forward to those summer vacations!  As an adult, I have continued this tradition with my own family to destinations that are both exotic and steeped in history - destinations that I thought that I would never be able to visit. Since becoming a partner with this company, I have been afforded the opportunity to live out my wildest dreams, both in terms of travel and financial independence. So while my bucket list is constantly evolving to include more and more destinations, I’m able to realize them in a much shorter timeline because I AM a travel business owner!

“To achieve success, you have to stay connected to PlanNet - you must embrace the process and allow PlanNet to get deep inside of you because that is the key to elevate you to your next level!  Consistency. Sense of Urgency. Follow-Up! One of my favorite quotes by Eric Worre is, ‘Inconsistency steals more from your network marketing than any other bad habit. I’d rather have a person work a dedicated 10 hours for a year than someone who’s red hot one month and gone the next and hot the next month and gone the next. Inconsistency is an organization destroyer.’ I commit time each day to work on building my business. Stay focused! The way you achieve success so quickly will help others do the same. You are good at what you love, but not disciplined enough to love what you don’t know.

“I am a breeder of entrepreneurship in what it takes to be a successful business owner!  It took me a significant amount of time to identify my passionate target niche! I knew I had it in me and it’s TRAVEL.

“A fun fact: I have always dreamed of being a National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) race car driver!  My dad was a professional NHRA Pro Stock race car driver and my brother currently drag races too.  I guess it’s something else that’s in my blood, my legacy.  I AM Magic!”