1. Where were you born and raised; current city; family; hobbies; past business highlights...
I was born in Ft. Myers, Florida and raised in Lompoc, California. I currently live in San Antonio, Texas, with my 15-year-old daughter, Dionne. When time permits, I love to travel, and there’s no one I love traveling with more than my baby girl! She’s so fascinated with different cultures and environments. Her mom has visited over 32 countries, so she comes by it honestly.

2. How have you grown or personally developed since joining PlanNet?
Being disciplined is definitely a functional imperative in the military. However, regardless of whether you are the office superstar or the office screw up, there is always someone there to hold you accountable. When you work from home, the only person there to hold you accountable is you! After spending 22 years in a very structured environment, I was a little lost with so much freedom to create my own work environment. I honestly had no idea where to start! I have always had a strong work ethic, but I was all over the place. I had the skill set to be successful, but I had to get organized and limit distractions. I was also rehabilitating from a terrible automobile accident I was involved in a few months prior to retiring. I had several medical appointments throughout the week, which gave me an excuse to not work my business. There were also several days where I just wasn’t feeling my best, so I worked when I felt like it…more excuses. I quickly realized that in order to run a successful business, I had to show up for work every single day…whether I felt like it or not. Just like I did while still on active duty. I had to hold myself accountable. I had to exemplify self discipline.

3. What drives you; what motivates you?
I’m a competitor, so I have a natural desire to excel at anything I invest my time in. It’s just who I am. I’m motivated to maximize this opportunity, because I know that PlanNet is the vehicle that will generate the type of income I need to fund the business ventures and investments I will pass on to my children. My main priority is securing a solid financial future for my children. My daughter is autistic, so she’ll have a few challenges in life. Thanks to PlanNet Marketing, money will not be one of them.

4. Who would you consider a role model and why?
My parents were the best role models my brothers and I could have asked for. I realize now that it was a blessing to grow up with both parents in the same household. Witnessing how hard they worked and their compassion towards others has truly shaped who I am today.

5. The three words that describe you best are:
Nurturing, Strong, Optimistic.

6. If you had some sound advice to give to anyone what would it be?
This industry is hard, so personal development is key! You have to develop a tough skin and a sound mind. As a leader, NEVER deviate from your “True North” and always work with a sense of URGENCY! If you are willing to sacrifice just a little bit, for a short amount of time, it will be worth it!

7. What does your life look like five years from now?
Five years from now, my dream home will no longer be the home that I want, it will be the one I can afford. And of course, Princess Dionne and I will still be traveling the world!