Dateline: Wednesday, January 1, 2020


You said you would, and you DID! This past year – 2019 - has been the best year of your business career!

Remember January 2019? You said, “I WILL,” you had a plan, you put it in writing, you committed to it, and you achieved your goals on target by Tuesday, December 31, 2019!

You were blindfolded to negatives! Laser focused!

A year ago, way back in January 2019 you envisioned the victory and committed to going forward to achieve it! Paying the price!

You were in the game! You were present – you attended, listened, participated, shared, communicated, and committed - consistently.

Many people set their 2019 resolutions and fell short, but not you! No, you committed to it, and even though you tripped a few times and fell into a slump, you made mid-course corrections and got back on track!

You are so deserving of the accomplishment! How great!


You worked hard! You operated outside your comfort zone. You sweated, pained, overcame, and made it happen. What a great feeling you must be experiencing!

You did it your way. You ignored the naysayers. (Maybe even said goodbye to a few of ‘em.)

You were alone at times, abandoned by those you expected to be there. But you surrounded yourself with positive, like-minded people.

You are extraordinary! You proved to yourself that you can do it! And you did!

You should be proud – deservingly so; and your family is proud too!

You fought the good fight and kept your faith. You believed in yourself! You have come to a place shared only by a few.

Every day you focused, reminding yourself of your 2019 year-end solid goals.

You have just worked through your best year ever!

And, best of all, you’ve brought some people with you! You’ve improved lives! You have positively impacted families!

What an accomplishment! How great you must feel!

Congratulations, winner! You’ll never forget 2019 – Last year took you to a new level!


Happy NEW YEAR! Have a great 2020!

From Andy Cauthen, President and CFO