PlanNet Marketing is pleased to welcome Patricia Galloway to the 20/20 Club! Patricia was born and raised in central Illinois where she met and married her husband, Rick, 44 years ago. They are parents to a daughter, a son, and five grandchildren. She now resides in Petersburg, Indiana.

Patricia shares, “Family vacations are my favorite!! I am very passionate about travel, being fortunate enough to have been able to see most of the US, as well as have stamps in my passport from Australia, Canada, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Mexico, France, England, Sint Maarten...and I just recently had Greece inked into that passport! This was actually a FAM trip in order to be able to make recommendations to my clients; I’ve also been to Jamaica twice on FAM trips. Such amazing opportunities available to us!

“Some of my most memorable moments while traveling are going to the top of the Eiffel tower with my eight-year-old grandson and his family; climbing to the top of the bridge in Sydney, Australia and seeing the city lit up at night, as well as attending ‘Carmen’ at the Opera House, and snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef at Cairns while on a mother-daughter trip! Other favorites are motorcycle road trips with my husband, a fun mother-son weekend to see the Eagles in concert in Minnesota for our birthdays, and our whole family in Cabo together for a week!

“I know everyone loves to travel and I want to make sure they know that they, too, can have the opportunity if they just reach out for their dreams, working to make it happen and believing in themselves. I started this venture out of a purely selfish desire to increase my income and to be able to travel more, but when I started saying YES to helping others and saw those effects in their lives, I am addicted to helping change more!

“I see the value that plugging in to what the leaders have already created for us, and staying consistent while reaching out to others, does for your business. My long-term goal is to lead my team to Directorship which will, in turn, enable me to leave a legacy for my own family. Where there is no vision the people perish. I am grateful for the vision that Mr. Bradley has created for us!”