PlanNet Marketing is pleased to welcome Carrie Hurley to the 20/20 Club! She shares, “I am from a small town in northwest Arkansas. I was born here, as were my mother and grandmother.  When my family moved away, it was to Papua, New Guinea! Living internationally had a profound impact on my life and changed me more than I could ever have imagined. We returned to Arkansas where I graduated university and taught school, but then I moved on my own to Orlando, FL to work with a Christian nonprofit organization where I met my husband. After several moves, we are now back in the town I grew up in! 

“I love music – singing, playing the piano, composing. Spending time with my family is so very important to me – we bake, play games, watch movies, and go on road trips. I love to read, and I am passionate about helping other female small business owners grow their business. In the midst of business and life, I also homeschool our four children.  

“My travel experiences began as a child – we were poor, but my parents were determined that we would see the country, so we camped through much of the United States and even up into Canada.  When I was 15, I took my first plane ride from Arkansas to Papua, New Guinea and lived there with my family for two years. I had amazing experiences living in another country, going to school with kids from all around the world. On our way home, we stopped in Hong Kong for several days – that was a bit shocking to go from a small expat community to a city that never sleeps! My favorite places to travel internationally are northern Ireland and Thailand. Travel is in my blood and I am excited to have my children also be bitten by the travel bug!  Right now, with four younger kiddos, we do a lot of road trips, but we have the goal of spending extended time worldschooling!   

“I am so very grateful for the leadership that I joined under! It has been a blessing to NOT have to reinvent the wheel, but to follow in the footsteps of those who have been successful. Also, I am thrilled to be able to work in tandem with my husband!  We are individual PlanNet Reps, but I love being able to work side-by-side with him as we build our legacy for our family.

“As far as tips? Follow up, follow up, follow up! Always be kind, and don't be in a rush for people to join your team – I have people on my team that have, by their own admission, "stalked" me for months on Facebook before joining me. The number of individuals who have expressed appreciation at my persistent, but not pushy approach is definitely a key to my team's success!

“A fun fact: My husband and I, with three kiddos aged three and under, lived off-grid in the California high desert for 10 weeks doing disaster relief training. I have performed in numerous musicals – Fiddler on the Roof, My Fair Lady, and Quilters, to name a few. In spite of all my musical experience, I have never sung karaoke! (bucket list!  LOL)