Meet new One-Star Director Tru’Kessa Scott! Tru’Kessa is from Dothan, AL and currently resides in Madison, AL. She works for the Department of Defense as a software engineer on Redstone Arsenal. She tells us, “I was raised by my late grandmother and never had a chance to travel as a kid. So as an adult, I had a strong desire to travel the world and experience the life of different cultures. I have been on over 20 international trips in the past five years. I am the person at work with 0.2 vacation hours because I am always going somewhere and using my PTO (paid time off). The farthest trip I have taken is to Japan. 

“I can attribute my success of hitting Director to my team. They truly are a team of champions that pulled through for me and in less than 30 days, we helped over 25 families and became a One-Star team. One thing we did was remain consistent and used the system. One tip I would give is to follow the system and show the plan more than you ever have before. Videos, webinars, calls, more videos, more webinars, and more calls made all the difference. Just work the system. 

“I didn't achieve success quickly, given I originally became a Gold Builder in two weeks and then I hit DIT in less than a year. The road to Directorship was a bit different. It contained a lot of ups and downs, addition and attrition. But through it all, I learned that if you decide you want something, just because you don't get it when you want it does not mean you stop wanting. Just never give up on what you want. Don't adjust your goals, adjust your efforts. 

“A fun fact: I am a foodie. I love to try new cuisines in all the different places I visit. I will try just about anything at least once. :) And my motto in life – I work hard just so I can play harder!”