PlanNet Marketing congratulates Shedrick White - our FIRST SIX-STAR DIRECTOR! What an amazing accomplishment! As PlanNet Marketing’s 2016 MVP and a Founder Director, Director White is a shining example of leadership, teamwork, and dedication. A Director must achieve 10,000 ITAs to reach this incredible milestone that brings with it a monthly bonus of $16,000, in addition to earning the Double Diamond Ring. The Double Diamond Ring represents a monthly income of $83,333 on an annual track of $1,000,000!*
*Earnings not typical. Click HERE for a full income disclosure.

The following was published in the PlanNetNow! Blog when White achieved Five-Star Director (with 4,000 ITAs) in January, 2017 and it is equally true these two short years later: Director White has an amazing work ethic, getting up early, staying late and traveling the world to impact and empower people. He attributes his success to a few simple principles and philosophies, which he shares here: “Find a need and meet it, find a hurt and heal it, find a problem and solve it. Through this business we have the ability to serve people. Service to many is what leads to greatness. You can have anything in this world you want by simply helping enough people get what they want. Model what you want your team to do…be a ‘do-it-first leader’ - be the example. Don't tell your team what to do, simply model and show them what to do.”

Congratulations to Six-Star Director Shedrick White from everyone at PlanNet Marketing! You are an example beyond compare! Please read on for a message from Shedrick and congratulations from fellow PlanNet Directors!



Mr. Donald Bradley,

There are some people that will enter into your life and will make immediate impact. I met you over a decade ago as a REP in another company. You were a documented seven-figure earner (a millionaire), and I watched you from afar, but with open arms when I wasn't on your team, you weren't too big or high up to offer your guidance and assistance.

I have watched you build other companies up and as you made decisions to do what was best to feed your family, I have seen owners and reps who revered you and sang your praises turn on you and call you everything but a child of God. You taught me that what other people think about you is none of your business.

You opened up your heart and your home and you embraced me long before there were any finances attached. Mr. Bradley, you offered me your heart, you showed me through your example, hard work and commitment to the process, what true success looked like. The opportunity came along where I got a chance to directly be under your leadership and from that day until now, you have truly changed and impacted my life in such a mighty way words cannot describe.

Again, I have seen firsthand people betray you, and I have also seen when you could have done what was popular and convenient…you chose integrity and honor even over your own personal gain.

Thank you for having the courage to not settle, but to follow your conviction and step out and create PlanNet Marketing, so that everyday people can earn extraordinary income. Mr. Bradley, because of your courage and passion for people, you have changed and impacted the financial trajectory of so many.

In today's climate and culture of hype and propaganda, you have chosen integrity and honor. Again Mr. Bradley, I thank you, I salute you, I honor you. I can't find the words to genuinely express the heartfelt gratitude I have toward you. Success is what happens to you, but significance is what happens through you. Mr. Bradley, you have entered into the ‘Eighth Habit’ of helping others to be great.

Thank you for changing my life, and I am committed to you, and committed to your vision to change lives all around the PlanNet.

~ Shedrick White, Six-Star Director, Atlanta, GA

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HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to my partner and brother in success, Mr. Shedrick White for achieving Six-Star Director! I am soooooooo very proud of you and the 10,000+ families you represent. Thank you for continuing to lead from the front! Thank you for your humility and your heart to truly help the entire PlanNet Marketing family! It's an honor to be on the battlefield with you. SALUTE!!!
Orlanda Moore, Five-Star Director, Madison, AL

Please raise the roof and help me to congratulate PlanNet Marketing’s very first Six-Star Director!!! My brother in success Mr. Shedrick White! A former waiter and college dropout who made a decision to change his life with the industry of travel and home based business. He decided to commit to servant leadership, commit to entrepreneurship, and commit to personal development! Service to many truly leads to GREATNESS! Way to go my brother you did it! 10,000 families!! Welcome to millionaire status!
JP Watkins, Four-Star Director, Forney, TX

What can I say, Shedrick White, that has not already been said? That you have a heart of gold? That you are a servant leader with a gentle and Godly spirit? That there is none more deserving than you to have achieved another of your many “first” accomplishments in this business model that is changing lives around the world? What I will say is congratulations from the bottom of my heart and thank you for paving the way for so many others and for having the best footsteps to follow! I salute you!!
Eileen Ross, Four-Star Director, Atlanta, GA

It's with tears of joy that Tiffany Brown Powell and I are extremely proud to announce our dear friend, sponsor, and first million dollar earner in PlanNet Marketing, Shedrick White. Mo-Tea-Sir Tribe!!!
Walter & Tiffany Powell - Four-Star Directors, Katy, TX

Congratulations Mr Shedrick White on hitting Six-Star ⭐️ Director here at the best place on the PlanNet!! I always tell you thank for going out there and becoming the evidence that nothing is impossible. To think that you now have an organization over 10,000 strong is something very amazing. Glad to call you a business partner as well as my friend. Crisp Salute!!!
Phil & Yolanda Rollins, Four-Star Directors, League City, TX