PlanNet Marketing welcomes Sonya Barnes to the 60/60 Club. Sonya shares that she is a wife, proud Navy Mom, autism Mom, and the Mom of a very vibrant teenage scholar and student athlete! Before joining PlanNet Marketing, she enjoyed serving for 20 years in the field of education in both Florida and Maryland.

Sonya says, “Although I was passionate about my career in education, I knew time freedom was exactly what was needed to focus on advocating on my autistic son’s behalf, as well as to help him reach his full potential. So here I am today...entrepreneur...She-E-O!! Loving it and loving life!

“I am forever grateful that life led me to PlanNet Marketing!I’ve always loved helping people in my roles as both teacher and school administrator, but my desire to help as many families as I can has increased through this amazing opportunity! My mentor, Mr. Orlanda Moore, as well as Founder, Mr. Donald Bradley, are always telling us to “Help your people!”  My goal is to help more families like mine who desire the time freedom, personal freedom and financial freedom to ensure they will be afforded the opportunity to LIVE and not just exist. Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Bradley, for creating this outstanding opportunity. Thank you for allowing me to serve!”