PlanNet Marketing welcomes new One-Star Director Carmen Ray! Carmen was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI, but relocated to the east valley of Arizona in January, 2014. She shares, “It was a big and abrupt move leaving behind my family, but definitely one of the best moves I could have made. I simply love Arizona.

“My interests include spending time with family, friends, and curling up with a good book. I have four adult children and five grandchildren. I enjoy traveling and listening to neo-soul music.  

“My parents were entrepreneurs all my life, so becoming a social entrepreneur came easily. I've enjoyed my journey as an international best selling author, domestic violence advocate, and a certified women’s issues and diversity coach. Entrepreneurship isn't new for me but never have I experienced anything as comprehensive and exciting as PlanNet Marketing.  

“I have traveled to London, Bahamas, and several of the United States. Since joining this business, my travel has increased and I'm preparing for my first Caribbean cruise in November. My 2020 travel plans includes a family Disney cruise vacation.

“I have an amazing support system between my Director, sideline coaches, and my partners - one of my partners happens to by my oldest daughter Shamoni, 23. She has been my biggest supporter since the beginning and a constant source of encouragement. In this business it's important to have someone who supports your journey unconditionally. My children are definitely my ‘why.’

“Once I released everything I thought I knew about business and became 100% coachable, things started to really move for myself and our team. I plugged in to the PlanNet Marketing culture and the system. I started to serve and host monthly meetings in Arizona, not just for my team but for the BIG Team in January 2019. It was my opportunity to give back. Personal development became a daily practice. My Director and Coach, Shontina Gladney, stretched me and held me accountable and I started to implement several of her strategies with my partners. Duplication is key.

“I have strong relationships with many of my team members. I see them more as family than business partners. Consistency and staying plugged in were the main components to achieving success. Having discipline and faith in your dreams will guarantee a positive outcome.  

“A fun fact about me: I hosted a very successful city-wide fashion show at the age of 14. I look back and can't help but think, how was I able to encourage retailers to provide top line clothing to showcase at such an early age? Since joining the world of network marketing, I now realize I was just ‘ignorance on fire.’ ”