PlanNet Marketing welcomes new One-Star Director Catherine Small. Catherine shares, “Hello! Thanks, truly an honor! I am originally from Queens, NY but I now reside in Charlotte, NC. I have interests in travel, exercising, reading, and most importantly, helping people. I have a background in HR so naturally, being here on the PlanNet is the perfect opportunity for me to continue my journey in travel and helping others. Although I faced many challenges over the last couple of years personally during my road to Directorship, I never once gave up! Everyone has their time and their process to go through. As long as you stick with it, don’t quit and remain coachable, you WILL reach your destination! How long will it take? As long as it takes! Delayed is NOT denied!

“It is truly an honor and a privilege to finally be on this side of leadership. Directorship was never a goal for me because I thought it came with too many responsibilities, commitments, and expectations and I did not want to carry the burden of being accountable in that way. Watching others achieve success drove me MAD (made a decision)! I decided I no longer wanted to live paycheck to paycheck and I wanted to leave a legacy for my children, so I plugged in and got to WORK!

Over the last couple of years, this business has afforded me the ability to travel internationally to Jamaica, Bahamas, DR, and Mexico in addition to two cruises. I have also been able to travel to many destinations domestically.  Without this partnership, I probably still would not even own a passport!

“I am forever grateful to my family, my team, my Coach/Mentor/Director Eileen Ross, Mr. and Mrs. Bradley and the whole PlanNet family!

“FUN FACT: I love helping my daughter do scientific experiments and arts and crafts.”