New One-Star Director Lisa Knight tells us that she is a single mum of three from Wellingborough, UK. When she was younger, she had no real interest in travel but when she got a passport five years ago and went on her first proper holiday to Egypt, she found herself hooked. She says, “It was something I wanted to do more of, but time and money were always an issue. I would save up to put deposits on holidays and pay them off over seven to nine months, have an amazing time, come home and repeat the cycle.

“I came across PlanNet in June 2017 and I saw it as a way to travel more with my children. I managed to break that earlier cycle and last year we enjoyed nine holidays abroad (Berlin, Thailand, New York, Malta, Mexico, Amsterdam, Budapest, Iceland and Norway) without having to worry about deposits and payment plans. We're only in April and have already been away four times this year, and my 2019 calendar is filling up fast. It's not all about the travel and the money. This business has also allowed me the time freedom to take my eldest daughter out of full-time education and homeschool her. This has had a really positive impact on her personal growth and confidence.

“My advice to anyone working towards Directorship - be real, be you, and be there for your team. It doesn't matter if they're a Rep or a Gold Builder, you never know how they'll grow with the right support and encouragement.”