PlanNet Marketing congratulates new One-Star Director and brand new 60/60 Club Member Tamarian Maddox! Tamarian tells us that she is from and currently lives in Birmingham, Alabama. She loves spending time with her family and traveling, saying, “If I could travel twice a month and come home to see my family, I would. In the last three months, I have traveled to Punta Cana, Disney World, and Cancun. I would never have been able to afford to travel that much before this business.

“It may seem hard at first, but think about how hard it would be without PlanNet Marketing and the amazing leadership. There is no need to drive myself crazy trying to come up with new ideas because everything I need is already available to me. I remained coachable every step of the way. I stick close to my mentors Lekia Wallace and Felicia Miles.

“I achieved success quickly because I always kept in the front of my mind that ‘this is my way out.’ I told myself many things while I was being treated like I was ‘less than’ and replaceable on a job. While I continued to miss out on time with my mom, I knew I would have that personal freedom soon. I encouraged my team, but I was very open and honest with them. I wanted them to know my ‘why’ and why I had no other choice. I wanted them to believe that PlanNet Marketing is real, so I constantly shared how much it's changing my life. I know deep down that's why my team went so hard for me at the end, to make this happen. I am them, they are me, we are one, because we're a team. Before I was introduced to PlanNet Marketing, I didn't like people much. PlanNet Marketing has shown me a whole new world and now I'm in love with people. I have been blessed to meet and connect with some amazing people. I will forever be grateful to PlanNet Marketing for changing my life!”

Tamarian said this when she reached the prestigious 60/60 Club, “My take on some who have criticized is that is they would rather take the easy route and the safe route. You will never get anywhere in life not taking any risks. If you continue to stay in the safe zone and do what's comfortable, you will always be stuck in that little box. I was able to achieve so much because I got uncomfortable to be able to live comfortably for the rest of my life. Thanks to God and PlanNet Marketing, I am now full time in my business after one year. I set goals and work hard to achieve them. I have been blessed so much, but had challenges at the same time. I knew it was the devil trying to keep me from something great and God pulling me closer to it. I now have that time freedom that PlanNet Marketing told me about!”