PlanNet Marketing is pleased to welcome Andrew Burke to the 40/40 Club!  Andrew tells us he is a happily married father, originally from Pennsylvania and now residing in the Space Coast area of Florida with his wife, Three-Star Director Tanisha Burke, and their son Jace. His interests are traveling to new places, spending time with his family, and being a “superfan’ of all Philadelphia sports teams.

Andrew says, “I remember the time my wife invited me to go with her to a PlanNet Marketing convention in Las Vegas as her guest. Having never been to Las Vegas before and having no interest in referral marketing, I was on my way out of the lobby of the hotel to enjoy the sights and sounds of the Las Vegas strip when I felt a tug on my arm. It was Tanisha, pleading for me to go to some “pep rally” for her company that was being held in one of the convention rooms. After about five minutes of pleading to try to get away from her, I finally relented and went to this ‘pep rally,’ and I am glad that I did because it changed my life!

“Looking back on it and the work that we have done three years later, our family is now blessed with financial, personal, and time freedom. Together, my wife and I have created a legacy for future generations of our family, and under her tutelage, I was able to achieve the goals that I had set for myself in this company in less than three years. Since I was never the type to ask for much, I feel that I am set in my life now and I thank her, Mr. and Mrs. Bradley, PlanNet Marketing, InteleTravel, and our wonderful business partners for shaping me into being the person that I am today.

“Whenever I tell this story, people tend to ask me why after achieving my personal goals am I still constantly moving? Now I can say it’s because I have a newfound dynamic resolve to help everybody that I meet get onto the same path that I took so they can achieve the same or even more success for their families than I did for mine. And the more I'm able to get people on that path to ultimate freedom, the more I want to do it. The feeling that you get when you help others prosper and thrive is immeasurable. PlanNet taught me that in a minimal amount of time. Helping is my essence, and I thank you all for the wonderful honor of allowing me to do just that.”