PlanNet Marketing is pleased to welcome Tina Gosia to the 20/20 Club. Tina says, “I'm from Milwaukee, Wisconsin; I lived here all of my life. My interests are helping as many people as I come across and lending a hand whenever I can and wherever I go. I always had a love for travel, but never was able to go beyond Chicago or St Louis. It wasn't until I partnered up with this amazing company that I have been able to travel much, much more than before...and for that I would like to say thank you to Mr. Donald Bradley for his vision.

“The way I'm achieving success in this company is by my faith in God. My siblings and I were taught if we put God first, everything else would follow. So my tip for others would be put God first and put in the work. I truly believe if you start anything in life, make sure you see it to the end in order to get the best results. The way I receive my results, and the way I believe that will help others to receive their results as well, is by simply staying plugged into the system… make sure you stick and stay plugged in. If you continue to do that, along with being consistent and persistent, all of those seeds you planted will grow.

“One little fun fact I can say about myself is that I love to make people laugh. I just think that laughter is truly the best medicine.”