New One-Star Director Jazmine Chauntal Smith was born in California and raised in Georgia, and has lived in Fayetteville, GA for the last five years. She says, “I am the wife to my loving and supportive husband Jerry, and mother to a beautiful baby girl, Jada Rose. I love cooking, reading, coloring, and spending time with my family. Growing up, my definition of travel was going to my grandparents’ house in Chicago every summer, but I’m excited to say that this business has allowed me to show my daughter places I was never able to experience at her age. We love cruising - I have cruised to many parts of the Caribbean, more specifically the Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Turks and Caicos, Cayman Islands, Aruba, Curacao, and Mexico. We are planning a family trip to Greece next year!

“I was introduced to PlanNet Marketing by a close friend. At the time, I was engaged and planning a honeymoon. It just made sense to get paid on something I was going to do anyway. For about a year, I was okay with just booking travel here and there; I even opposed going to any meetings. My mindset shifted when I had my daughter. I knew she deserved better. I started plugging in - attending the weekly meetings and making the commitment to never miss another event that I am qualified to attend. My success in PlanNet Marketing comes from being consistent, trusting the leadership, and believing that I deserved everything this business provides.

“I have connected with strangers who have become family and I am forever grateful to Mr. and Mrs. Bradley for creating a vehicle based on integrity and longevity. We are literally changing lives and I am a living testimony of a life that has been changed through the power of PlanNet Marketing and I am just beginning.

“A fun fact: I am a caterer and whenever I am out to eat, I always try to recreate the meals I enjoy when I get home. I always tell my husband, ‘I bet I can make this better’!”