PlanNet Marketing is pleased to welcome Jessica Springs to the 40/40 Club! Jessica is a wife and a mother of four children, ranging from ages 20 to 5, whose passion is travel and helping other people experience travel. She shares, “I am from very humble beginnings, so my goal with this business is to help people believe that if I can do this, ANYONE can. This is my first time being involved in a network marketing business but I'm watching other ORDINARY PEOPLE succeed. That leads me to BELIEVE that I can too!!

My slogan for my business/team is #WHYNOTUS #WHYNOTYOU. It simply means if other people are succeeding or traveling to places you've never been to or even heard of...#WHYNOTYOU? We all are worthy of these experiences. We deserve more and so do our families, and my goal is to share this business with as many people as possible to make that DREAM A REALITY!!!