As PlanNet Marketing nears 45,000 active Agents, membership in the PlanNet Club categories of 20/20, 40/40, 60/60 etc. will grow as well. With that in mind, we are adding a new feature to the PlanNetNow! blog. Each week we will list the new 20/20 Club Members as shown below so that your recognition will be timely. This week we recognize those Members who qualified in March; next week we will showcase the new April members. The personal 20/20 Club features will continue; currently there are many 20/20 Club Members who have sent in their bios, but due to the growing number, have not yet been featured in the blog. Watch for your bio in future editions of PlanNetNow!

Recognition is very important and we hope this new format shows how much we value our 20/20 Club Members! Congratulations to everyone who has achieved this very important level in your PlanNet business. (Click on a graphic to enlarge and/or view as a slideshow).