PlanNet Marketing is pleased to welcome Charmisa King-Cobb to the 20/20/ Club! Charmisa tells us, “I was born in Louisville, KY; the first three years of my life were spent in Selma, AL. My father wanted more for his family, so we moved to Atlanta, GA and this has been home ever since. I currently reside in Lawrenceville, GA. I am a wife and a mother of four busy children. By day I’m a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant, but I also own my business as a financial advisor.

“Traveling and making money while doing it has become my first love. I absolutely love to try new experiences, especially fine dining, shopping, visiting different countries, and learning other cultures. When I was introduced to PlanNet Marketing, I was immediately ready to sign up because this was the piece that connected me to my purpose. I have a goal to start a non-profit organization that educates our youth on the value of financial management. By making small investments in themselves, they in turn create a huge profit that will produce more self-made young professionals who may now believe in the American dream.

I have found success in Plannet Marketing through my mentors, Walter and Tiffany Powell and Natalie Alexander. Following their leadership and being coachable has truly skyrocketed my business. I always stay plugged into the winning culture and I never miss a big event that I am qualified to attend. I also found that once I mastered the PS3 system there were ‘no limits!’  If you desire to go far in this business, always, always smile and have positive energy and NEVER give up, because whatever energy that you put out in the universe shall return to you. Always plant positive seeds and tend to your seeds so that you can reap a great harvest. I love being a part of the best place on the PlanNet!”