PlanNet Marketing congratulates new Six-Star Director Orlanda Moore!  What an amazing accomplishment! A Director must achieve 10,000 ITAs to reach this incredible milestone that brings with it a monthly bonus of $16,000, in addition to earning the Double Diamond Ring. The Double Diamond Ring represents a monthly income of $83,333 on an annual track of $1,000,000!*
*Earnings not typical. Click HERE for a full income disclosure.

Director Moore achieved Five-Star Director (with 4,000 ITAs) in January, 2018. He trains, coaches, and develops leaders and individuals who desire to win for their families. He fully understands and believes that not a single person can achieve anything of greatness alone. It’s all about empowering others. Known for his focus and self discipline, Orlanda’s motto is: "I don’t make excuses, nor do I accept them.” Congratulations to Six-Star Director Orlanda Moore from everyone at PlanNet Marketing on your stellar (all six!) achievement!


I am FLAT OUT excited about what's taking place here in PlanNet Marketing. As I always do, I have to say thank you to our Founder, Mr. Donald Bradley. Thank you for creating this vehicle where the average person truly has the ability to earn above average income! Thank you for your genuine concern to help those individuals who desire to help themselves! I am the beneficiary of your coaching and mentoring. I am truly grateful.

It is truly an honor to have achieved Six-Star Director here in PlanNet Marketing. Leading a team of 10,000+ Active Agents is no easy task.  And it's impossible to do it alone. However, it is definitely rewarding. I have to thank every single person within my organization. EVERYONE matters. We don't treat people like numbers. We're serious about helping every single person get out of their business what they're willing to put into it. I have to thank my Leadership Team, 66 Directors and counting. I DEFINITELY have to thank my Core Leaders: Five-Star Director Natalie Graham, Four-Star Director Letoria Mayberry, Three-Star Directors Greg and Carla Scott, and Three-Star Directors Erick and DeJoire' Benson. We're committed to making good on the promise we've made to the people who have partnered with us. We're determined to get better, every single day in every single way. THANK YOU, CHAMPIONS!!!

In closing, I would like to share a couple of my keys to success.There are two things you must maintain: hunger and humility.

1. HUNGER: That speaks to your drive, ambition, and determination. You can't just refuse to lose. You have to CHOOSE to win. Never give up. Never give in. And DON'T just "hang in there". You have to keep moving. There's more to you than you realize.

2. HUMILITY: That speaks to your "being", as well as your "doing". Have the humility enough to know that you don't know what you don't know.  But, also have enough humility to be willing to learn and grow. And NEVER mistake the beginning of success for its arrival. Success is a journey, not a destination. Always remain coachable, teachable, and allow your leaders to help you. LET'S GO.
~Orlanda Moore, Six-Star Director, Madison, AL


Thank you for all you do for PlanNet Marketing, Orlanda, and for touching the lives of so many! Congratulations on your Six Star Director achievement!
Andy Cauthen, President & CFO

Stand to your feet, and help me Salute, Congratulate and Honor my brother, business partner and friend, Orlanda Moore, for becoming PlanNet Marketing’s newest Six-Star Director!  This simply means he and his team have impacted and changed the lives of well over 10,000 families worldwide and will be PlanNet Marketing’s next Millionaire and Double Diamond Ring Recipient!
Thank you for your commitment and sacrifice! #Millionairesbeforemomentum  
Shedrick White, Five-Star-Director, Atlanta, GA

Omggggg I'm in TEARS‼ My mentor just ranked up‼ 3 time MVP. #2 Income Earner. Second 6☆☆☆☆☆☆ Director within our company! And now let's add MILLIONAIRE. I have the best coach EVER and I'm riding his coattail! I'm soooo elated! Congratulations, Orlanda Moore‼‼‼  
Natalie Graham, Five-Star Director, Loganville, GA

Sound the alarm and raise the roof! Help me Salute, Congratulate and Honor my brother, business partner, and friend, US Veteran Mr. Orlanda Moore, for becoming PlanNet Marketing’s newest Six Star Director!  This simply means he and his team have impacted and changed the lives of well over 10,000 families worldwide and will be PlanNet Marketing’s next Millionaire and Double Diamond Ring Recipient. Thank you for your commitment and sacrifice, General!
JP Watkins, Five-Star Director, Forney, TX

Congratulations to not only my coach, mentor but also a special friend. I can’t think of anyone more deserving of this than you. Your sacrifice, dedication and commitment is unmatched. Thank you for modeling what it looks like to be a servant leader dedicated to helping anyone who wants to win. You exemplify true leadership! This is only the beginning and I can’t wait to see what’s ahead. I’m running alongside of you and we will change the world! Leggo! #nextmillionaire #process #thejourney #therealMVP #2incomeearner  
Letoria Mayberry, Four-Star Director, Athens, AL

What a huge day this has been! I want to salute my friend, coach, and leader, Orlanda Moore, on his promotion to being our company’s second Six-Star Director. His work ethic, dedication, and empowering service to helping others win is like none that I have ever witnessed in business. He is now leading a team of well over 10,000 people worldwide and I’m honored to serve with him. #TheGeneral #Relentless #PlanNetProud  
Greg & Carla Scott, Three-Star Director, Upper Marlboro, MD

Words cannot fully express how excited I am to congratulate my #successcoach, Sponsor, Leader, and Friend on becoming only the second Six-Star Director in our company! He is now responsible for leading at least 10,000 families, out of the 43,000 (at least), that are active in #PlanNetMarketing! We are just getting started! #plannetproud#JoinMySixStarTEAM
DeJoire & Erick Benson, Three-Star Director, Upland, CA