PlanNet Marketing is pleased to welcome Antonio and Twanica Porterfield to the 20/20 Club! Antonio is a quality supervisor for a manufacturing company. Twanica shares, “I am an eLearning specialist/instructional designer (a fancy way of saying I write training presentations, manuals, online courses, etc.) for a credit card processing company. Antonio and I currently live in Lawrenceville, Georgia. He was born and raised in Montgomery, AL. I was born in Jackson, MS, but grew up in Minneapolis, MN and then Oklahoma City, OK.

“Antonio and I both enjoy live music, traveling, and spending time with our family and friends. Antonio also loves coaching football and consulting with other coaches on various tips and techniques of the game. I love learning (currently working on my Ph.D.), reading, and recently discovered I enjoy painting. We absolutely love traveling to the Caribbean, but through this vehicle, we look forward to traveling all around the world.

Antonio and I joined PlanNet Marketing on March 19, 2018 (it should have been a year earlier, but that’s another story). Antonio had some network marketing experience, while I did not have any network marketing experience and vowed to never do it (which goes back to why we missed the opportunity a year earlier). However, once we got started, booked a few of our own trips, and came to realize just how powerful this opportunity is, we went on a mission to share it with all of our family and friends. In all honesty, we were what they coin as “ignorance on fire.” Consequently, many of those who partnered with us in the beginning, did so based on OUR sheer passion, our integrity, and the trust that they had in us and our relationships with them. As we learned more about our product, received coaching from our mentor, Three-Star Director Ms. Melodie Washington, and learned to use the already proven success system, the PS3, we learned it was imperative to get ourselves out of the way, create the triangle of trust, leverage the knowledge of our senior business partners, and better share this opportunity with others who were looking for what we had. For the most part, we use a method shared with us by our One-Star Director, Mrs. Erika Coleman, to do a minimum of piquing the interest of five people per day, follow-up/drip on three people per day, and personally touch base with at least two business partners per week. This will adjust as we grow. Our three words for 2019 are consistency, focus, and mindset.

“We have achieved success by first making the decision to be fully committed to this opportunity the same way that we have been committed to working for someone else. We will work even harder for ourselves! This is our business and we treat and invest in it as such with our time, talent, energy, and money. On our jobs, we must follow the system to stay employed and be successful. So, it is no different here at PlanNet Marketing and Inteletravel. It’s a high-tech game of following the leader -  following those who have made it. We follow the system, we plug in, we attend weekly meetings, we attend events we are qualified to attend, we remain coachable, we read, we are hungry, and we are determined to change lives.

“There are four things we feel attributed to our success so far. First, believe in the product. Second, be yourself, be genuine, and be honest when sharing this opportunity with others. Third, read, read, and read some more…develop personally and be educated. Fourth, you must follow up! These next two statements may sound cliché, but they are very true. ‘We are looking for the people who are looking for us.’ Also, ‘If you help enough people get what THEY want, you will eventually get what YOU want.’ We will NEVER stop sharing this opportunity with others because we believe in it, we see the evidence, and there nothing else like it. We genuinely feel that this is the opportunity that we prayed for. We are both on salary, so there is no extra if we need it for some reason. We are transparent and share our why with others when sharing this opportunity. We strongly believe in this business and let others know how it’s helping us, the 32 top income earners, and thousands of other families.

“If you genuinely feel that you are in the Best Place on the PlanNet, that energy is transferred when you are sharing this opportunity with others. If you have a rapport with your prospects, share with them exactly how PlanNet marketing would help THEM, THEIR families, and fulfill THEIR needs. Don’t see people as another $50 or a number to hit your goal. If you don’t have a rapport with them, build it. The seeds you’re planting today may not reap a harvest right away. Many of the people that recently partnered with us were in our pipeline. This simply means that we shared this opportunity with them at some point - several from the very beginning. They were not ready to partner with us at that time. We have since learned that some were watching us (on social media) to see if we would stick with it and be a product of the product. Others were weighing their options for PlanNet versus other networking marketing companies. The deciding factor for some was that they trusted us and travel is simple. We only found out because we followed up. As my coach/mentor always says, ‘Take the shot!’ Fortune is truly in the follow-up! Feel the fear and do it anyway. Most no’s are simply ‘not right nows.’ Do NOT take it personally if someone is not interested in what you're doing - remove the emotional attachment to their response. Do not allow their decision to not partner with you cause you to lose that relationship. This business may not be for them and you have to be okay with that. This business may not be for them “right now’ and you have to be okay with that, too.

“A fun fact: oddly enough, we are both history grads and we are both ‘history geeks,’ so many of our travels will likely revolve around historical sites.”