PlanNet Marketing is pleased to welcome Vielca Findlayter to the 20/20 Club! Vielca grew up in Hollis, New York and now calls Melbourne, Florida her home. She and her husband, Mario, who is also her business partner, met in high school and have raised three sons. Her two eldest have special needs, one stemming from lissencephaly, a rare brain disorder, and the other from autism. Her third son is a graduate from the University of Central Florida. Needless to say, her family is her WHY!

Experiencing both major and minor hurdles throughout her whole life, Vielca believes that even though life is always going to be fraught with challenges, we should not let anything deter us or distract us from attaining our dreams. Vielca joined PlanNet Marketing on March 2, 2017 after seeing the vision of this amazing company. Jumping right in, she achieved the rank of Gold Builder within 30 days! Her only disappointment was that she couldn’t attend convention to receive the signed basketball from Mr. Bradley that she had earned.

After overcoming numerous health and personal challenges last year, in January 2019 she came to the conclusion that she had ‘had enough’ and made a decision to push past the pain and create and live the best possible life she could. This led her back to her PlanNet Marketing business, where she knew that financial freedom was possible. She held herself accountable for the use of her time and she’s learned that being busy is not the same as being productive. She adopted a “get it done” attitude, set goals for herself, and became laser-focused, and she is committed to sharing all these newly adopted strategies with others. Her team knows that the “nos” are not personal and the sooner you move on from a no, the sooner you get to a yes.  Vielca credits the key to her success to SCHEDULED, CONSISTENT, LASER-FOCUSED EFFORT!!!

PlanNet Marketing has been a phenomenal opportunity for the Findlayters, allowing them to combine their love of travel, adventure, and helping others. When Vielca isn’t spending time with her family, working her business, volunteering or traveling, she and her husband enjoy getting their faces painted to entertain children - most recently as Shrek and Fiona!  She is a seasoned “road tripper,” having driven across our beautiful country seven times. She has also cruised to several Caribbean islands and her favorite destinations to date have been Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Panama. In addition to her love for travel, she is also committed to serving in her community. Vielca was recently acknowledged for Best Personal Fundraiser for Nana’s House, a nonprofit organization that services neglected, abused, needy, and abandoned children. With the time freedom that PlanNet Marketing affords her, she is privileged to have the time to volunteer for this worthy cause.

The last two years with PlanNet Marketing have been an incredible journey for Vielca and she thanks her sponsor, coach and mentor, Ms. Letoria Mayberry, for all her support and encouragement. Vielca is looking forward to the next chapter as she presses on to achieve her next level – Director in Training and 40/40 Club – helping one family at a time, changing the lives of many!