PlanNet Marketing is pleased to welcome Tracey and Trevor Eastwood to the 20/20 Club! Tracey shares her story with us. “Trevor and I come from a small village called Great Denham in Bedford, UK. Trevor and I have been married for almost four years on the 15th of August. My first husband passed away nine years ago from MND and we have four beautiful children and 10 grandchildren. Trevor has been amazing being there for my children and grandchildren and taking them on as his own.

After being married for just six weeks, our whole world came crashing down on us when I was diagnosed with stage 3C ovarian cancer. Trevor gave up his day job to care for me as I was doing so poorly. I took on the hardest battles in my life enduring chemotherapy and a big operation. Then, 14 months later, it aggressively returned and I endured more chemotherapy. This time I was told it was terminal and most women don’t make five years.

“I returned to my day job as a customer service representative for a very large windscreen company and Trevor returned to his job and passion as a motor vehicle mechanic which he’s been doing for 25 years. I saw an advert on a selling site that Sarah Boulter had posted on, started talking to her about the business, and although I was excited, it took a while for me to take the plunge. It also took a while to start recruiting, but Sarah said persistence was the key. The appeal had come to me because of my terminal diagnosis – that once hitting One-Star Director, the business becomes willable and my business would continue to comfortably support my family once I’m no longer here (and because we love to holiday too). I had 13 recruits and was working my business around my full time job. Just 10 days before Christmas 2018, my cancer returned, my world fell apart, and I contacted Louise Gatland and Sarah Boulter, literally crying my eyes out on Facetime to them both. At the end of our 45 minute call the fire was back in my belly and we would be coming to Orlando Convention to get my Director’s jacket.

“I went on drug trials but became in poor health after the first dose and the side effects of the drugs meant I slept a lot of the day and wasn’t doing much with my business. In March, I suddenly realised I’d missed my matrix payment; I looked to see why, and found I had dipped to eight personal recruits.

This was enough to wake me up and stop sleeping…I had to force myself to get up and stay awake and recruit more people. I recruited four people within 24 hours and that took me back to being comfortable.

“40 Days 40 nights – what a challenge at the beginning of May in both UK and USA! I challenged myself with my goals to being three of the biggest I could get at this time: 1) 20/20 Club, 2) Director in Training, and 3) Gold Plus Builder. On 31st May at 23:30 we had hit all three of our goals and we couldn’t have been happier. Time to celebrate!

“Trevor and I both enjoy playing darts and we both belong to league teams. Our personal interests are for us to make as many memories as physically possible for me and my family. We all love going to Great Yarmouth for family holidays, we’ve done Majorca, mainland Spain for 17 of us, and we also love Florida as my parents have a villa in Kissimmee. We’ve also taken two Caribbean cruises with NCL with a third booked for a big family cruise in April 2020. We also have Gibraltar in June with PlanNet.

“You have to keep talking to people daily and follow up with your prospects, believe in the business you’re selling, and believe in yourself. This business means so much to me, as it will secure my family’s future. You need fire and passion and consistency to succeed.

“The very first time I met Mr. Donald Bradley, I was standing between Louise Gatland and Sarah Boulter and his words to me were, ‘’There is a presence around you,’’ and that has kept me going and we’re going to make that presence known.”