Wow! Eagle Weekend was such an incredible experience once again!
Moments with a Mentor, Eagle Training, the Yacht Cruise, the Meeting after the Meeting - what an amazing, motivational, and business-building event! Please enjoy these slideshows from a fabulous weekend!





Congratulations to our newest Presidential Ring earners! The Diamond Ring signifies earnings on track of $500,000 a year. The Ruby Ring signifies earnings on track of $250,000 a year and the Sapphire Ring signifies earnings on track of $100,000 a year. Please congratulate Five-Star Director Eileen Ross, Four-Star Director Latashia Alexander, Three Star Directors Erick and DeJoire Benson, and Two-Star Director Chrissey Walker on their accomplishments. The beautiful rings were presented Saturday morning to this outstanding group! See photo slideshow and comments below.

Eileen Ross, Five-Star Director, Presidential Diamond Ring
“Three rings down and one to go for me, but what about YOU?? In three and a half years, I had NOTHING - a major change in my life caused me to have to close my business, become jobless, and homeless. But when hard work and opportunity come together, it’s called SUCCESS!

“By working from home, traveling the world and helping people through my amazing company, PlanNet Marketing, and a simple system that ANYONE can do, we are truly changing lives and winning! I don’t ‘present’ - I inform, educate, converse, and empower!”

Latashia Alexander, Four-Star Director, Presidential Ruby Ring
“When opportunity knocked…we didn’t complain about the noise… we answered with headphones on and put in work. Network marketing is NOT easy, but it’s worth it! My husband has been on his full-time job as a firefighter for over 10 years and gets raises from time to time. This opportunity allowed us to give our household a raise of close to HALF a million dollars in under two years! The city would NOT BE cutting that check no matter how hard he works!

But wait....don’t look at our story!! Design your own! Our mentorship comes with true TRANSPARENCY and SUPPORT! We set the foundation...it’s time for you to take the leap and BUILD IT!”

Erick and DeJoire Benson,Three-Star Directors, Presidential Ruby Ring“We are grateful that last Saturday we were awarded the PlanNet Marketing Presidential Ruby Ring, signifying a #ResidualIncome of a quarter of a million dollars in a 12-month calendar period! There are too many to thank, but after my Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost, I want to thank this incredible couple, our mentors, Donald Bradley and my Soror, Deborah Flemming Bradley! They are the Founder/Chairman/CEO and the VP of Public Relations, respectively. I appreciate them for allowing God to give birth to PlanNet Marketing, through them!

Thanks to our amazing TEAM, especially our frontline, who have helped the TEAM to grow! Thanks to our #SuccessCoach, Orlanda Moore, for giving us great leadership to follow. Thanks to our sideline partners (Adairia Tarver-Vinson, Dannette Montague, Bernard and Cynthia Hampton, Melodie Washington, Joy L. Dawkins, Ferne Cannady Sapp, LaDonna Buckmon Spratley, Calvin Ellerbe, Dale Montague, Shedrick White, Gregory and Carla Vault Scott, Michael Broner Jr., Letoria S. Mayberry, and Rasheba McGowan, etc.), who have encouraged me knowingly and unknowingly, over the past 13 years!”

*Career Level Earnings are not typical. For detailed information about average Rep earnings, please view our Income Disclosure statement here.