PlanNet Marketing is pleased to welcome LaShell Tjelde to the 20/20 Club! LaShell was raised in South Texas, and after receiving a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, she eventually found her way to North Dakota where she met and married her best friend. LaShell tells us, “Together we own and operate our farm and ranch. We raise small grains, lentils, spring wheat, barley, and alfalfa, as well as Black Angus beef cattle. Together my husband and I have raised five children and are the proud grandparents of a very active four-year-old granddaughter.

“I believe in giving back to my community as much as possible. I’m on our local school board; I take great pride in helping to start and continue serving on the Alexander Public School Foundation Board. We raise money to help with scholarships and grants to our students and teachers. I truly believe that we should never stop learning. I also serve on our local Township board and Planning and Zoning boards. When we have a few spare moments, my husband and I love camping and fishing with friends and family. I am also an avid hunter.

“My husband and I love traveling to new and exciting places, learning new cultures, tasting new foods, and gaining new experiences. We have been to Jamaica, Brazil, Aruba, Costa Rica, Columbia, Cancun, Cozumel, Panama, Mexico, Hawaii, and look forward to many more exciting places in the near future.

“I believe in good old fashioned hard work - setting goals and taking the proper steps to achieve those goals. Staying connected and plugged in. Not making excuses. Don’t let the ‘bad days’ win. We all have those days when we want to just throw in the towel; this is when you connect with your upline and allow them to help ‘carry’ you through!! You don’t give up, you dig in! I work my business literally from the seat of my tractor - on any given day you can call and talk to me in the middle of a field in the middle of nowhere!! I think that is what makes me a success; my team knows that no matter what I’m doing, I’m there for them. My motto for my team is, ‘If I can do this from here you can do this from anywhere!’ Follow the plan, learn PS3, and you will succeed. Thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to learn and grow with this wonderful company, I look forward to the many new adventures that await me.”