PlanNet Marketing is proud to welcome Founding Three-Star Director Melodie Washington to the 40/40 Club! Melodie shares, “My entrepreneurial journey started with a single sheet of paper – an annual Social Security statement. After fifteen years of working for Georgia state government, my projected retirement income looked more like a weekly check for a recent college graduate than that of a woman who had worked hard all her life. Climbing the corporate ladder and building someone else’s dreams would surely lead me to a broken brick wall and a nightmarish reality of living paycheck to paycheck. I knew I had to make some changes to have a brighter future.

“Equipped with this knowledge, a can-do attitude, and adept business acumen, I came to the decision that entrepreneurship was my path to financial freedom. Aware of the market shift in the travel industry, I set my sights on a business that would change my family’s legacy forever. Because of my focus and determination, PlanNet Marketing has allowed me the opportunity to pay off my debt, save and invest money, travel around the world, and pay for my son’s college tuition in cash. Not to mention it's allowing me to retire in the next 90 days. All these things were made possible because I made a decision to improve my circumstances.

“Special thanks to Mr. Donald Bradley, my leader, coach, mentor and friend. Without his vision and leadership, none of this would be possible. Thanks to my amazing team and business partners. They are the baddest and most relentless people on the PlanNet. To my sideline partners, family, and friends, thanks for your continued support and encouragement throughout this journey. I may not have come from a wealthy family…but…a wealthy family will definitely come from me.”