You own your own business – you are an Independent Marketing Representative for PlanNet Marketing. This means you make your own hours, do your own marketing and pay your own taxes. There’s no “time clock” or “hourly wage with tax withholding” or “employee handbook.” The time freedom, financial freedom and personal freedom this arrangement affords is what draws so many of our Reps to start a business with PlanNet Marketing. But just because you’re in the business of you, doesn’t mean you’re all alone.

No business is an island!

Even when you own your own business, you are in partnership with others – other businesses and other people. Your behavior, your work ethic, your motivation or lack thereof, affect those others. To protect our Reps (you and your team as well as other Reps and their teams) and to protect PlanNet Marketing and InteleTravel – there are some rules we’ve put into place. These rules are the PlanNet Marketing Policies and Procedures.

Some of you have never been a business owner before. You may not think you should be required to follow the rules of other companies – PlanNet or InteleTravel. You may not be concerned with what others think of your social media posts or your website or your marketing materials. You may not even respond to requests for your attention to business matters. These are things that all business owners will learn eventually, but to help you out, I’m telling you today – those things are IMPORTANT to running a successful and prosperous business.


As a business owner with PlanNet Marketing, it is your responsibility to follow PlanNet’s rules and United States Federal laws as well as any local laws for your country, region or city. Our rules begin by encouraging our Reps to always behave in a professional manner, putting forth their best effort to be positive, peaceful, and encouraging to those they meet while doing PlanNet business. This means if you’re speaking to someone about PlanNet or its owners or employees or other Reps – you say kind, positive and professional things. Don’t swear, don’t gossip, don’t air your negative feelings about a bad experience on social media.

Are you ALLOWED to do and say anything you please? Of course! You ARE the owner of your business. However, if you choose to conduct your business in an unprofessional way, not following rules, not behaving in an ethical manner, or choosing not to respond to requests for your attention to your business – there are consequences.  I won’t outline them all here today, but I would encourage you to view the “Disciplinary Sanctions” section of the Policies and Procedures. There you will find an extensive list of the consequences for not properly, professionally managing your business. As always, if you have questions about following the policies and procedures of PlanNet Marketing, you can email me directly at

Owning a business can be a huge blessing, it can afford freedoms in your work life and personal life that you might not otherwise experience. But there are rules, guidelines and best practices that will allow you to prosper as a business owner. Lean on those around you, encouraging them and showing them respect. In doing so you’ll find your business the center of a bursting metropolis, not a lonely island.

-- Policies and Procedures Section 1.1 located in your Virtual Office in the Information Center (go to Resources, then Policies and Procedures).

~Amanda Restivo, Vice President, Compliance --