PlanNet Marketing is committed to integrity and transparency in our business - we have absolutely nothing to hide! In an effort to operate our business at the highest standards, we have published an Income Disclosure Statement (IDS). The IDS shows the facts about income earned at various levels of accomplishment with PlanNet Marketing. 

PlanNet Marketing and our Reps should use the IDS ANY time we're talking about (or writing about) compensation earned with PlanNet Marketing. Whether congratulating a new One Star Director on giving themselves a $12,000 raise (guaranteed $1,000 minimum monthly earning for a year) or simply talking about the potential for a six-figure income with PlanNet Marketing – if we’re talking about money, earnings, dollar amounts, etc. – we need to include an Income Disclaimer and a reference to our Income Disclosure.

An Income Disclaimer is stating that the earnings being referred to are not typical or average. In 2018, the "average" Rep earned $165.92 for the whole year – anything more than that requires a Disclaimer. Here’s what that looks like:

“Career Level Earnings are not typical, please see the PlanNet Marketing Income Disclosure for details.” Then add a link to our IDS.


It’s simple and professional – it also protects PlanNet Marketing and our Reps.

Some Reps like to get a little creative with their Disclaimers; if you want to craft your own Income Disclaimer, feel free to send it to so it can be approved before use. 

The IDS can be found in various places on the PlanNet Marketing website and in our corporate presentation. It's also available for you to view and download in Resources in the Rep Virtual Office.

If you want to send it to someone electronically, it can be found at

-- Policies and Procedures Section 3, located in your Virtual Office in the Information Center (go to Resources, then Policies and Procedures).

~Amanda Restivo, Vice President, Compliance --