As a mom, I feel like I probably say “Be careful” about seventy-four and a half times every day…maybe more. It’s just that I know things my kids don’t know, ya know? I know that climbing on that couch will eventually end with a bonked head. I know that running out into the street puts you at risk of getting hit by a car. I know that screaming and hitting your sibling will not make them do what you want – it will just breed more hitting and screaming.

I know.

My kids don’t know these things yet. They’re still getting there. They’re still learning from their experiences. They’re still stumbling, sometimes scraping knees, crying, and calling for mom to rescue them. They will learn. In the meantime, I’m hoping they listen to me! Right?! Trust that I know a little more than they know AND trust that I have their best interests at heart.

As a Rep with PlanNet Marketing, you might not know things your upline and our corporate staff know. Your Director probably has a little more learning experience under their belt. Our Support Team might have a better understanding of the Matrix and commission structure than you have. I might know more about industry rules regarding Income Disclosures than the average Rep. Mr. Donald Bradley might know what to say and what not to say to a prospect you’re trying to enroll on your team.

You don’t know what you don’t know.


Don’t worry though – it’s NORMAL not to know it all. It’s not only normal, it’s expected! PlanNet Marketing knows that our Reps need assistance, support and training to be successful in this business. We want to provide you with every single thing we can to put you on the road to success. We provide you with the “stuff” like a website, videos, social media images, and flyers. Our Directors host calls and local meetings in markets around the world on a weekly and monthly basis. Plus, we host an annual International Convention. Our corporate team is just a phone call or email away, to answer your most pressing business questions. There are training videos and information in your Virtual Office that puts knowledge, literally, at your fingertips. And your sponsor and upline Director are always there to help, too. You can even harness the power of social media to connect with other Reps around the world.

Make sure you’re using every resource available and be intentional about working your business and educating yourself.

You can’t learn too much, you won’t ever know everything. Knowledge truly is power.

Empower yourself today!

~Amanda Restivo, Vice President, Compliance --