PlanNet Marketing is pleased to welcome Danielle Winston to the 20/20 Club! Danielle is from Pittsburgh, PA and has lived in Baltimore, MD for two years.

 Danielle shares, “My interests are traveling and enjoying time with my with family and friends. I’m very spontaneous and always down for a good last minute trip. That goes into why I became a travel agent. Fast forward to six months later, I began my journey with PlanNet because I wanted financial freedom, not only for myself, but for my family. I don’t have any children at this moment, but I have now positioned myself to leave a legacy for my future children and grandchildren. I so enjoy helping others being able to position themselves into financial freedom.

“I have been to most states in the US; I have been to Jamaica twice, Dominican Republic twice, (with two more trips before the end of 2019), Mexico twice (one more trip this year), and Bahamas twice (with a third trip this past May).

“I have been achieving success at PlanNet Marketing with the help of reminding myself of my ‘WHY’ and all my amazing business partners who have poured into me. APPLIED knowledge is power. The tips I would pass on are to stay consistent, attend events you are qualified to attend, and HELP YOUR PEOPLE. Life happens, but NEVER TAKE YOUR FOOT OFF THE BRAKE. The way I achieved success so quickly is staying consistent.

“A fun fact: I’m a HUGE Steeler fan. I’m usually go to about eight to ten games each season and I sacrificed the whole 2018 season to continue investing in this business and financial freedom.”