PlanNet Marketing is pleased to welcome Ardythe Warren to the 20/20 Club! Ardythe is a retired Navy veteran, originally from Toledo, OH, but currently resides in Glen Burnie, MD. She tells us, “I love to cook, sew, and garden. Throughout my military career, I have traveled to many parts of the western world and numerous states within the continental US. I have also traveled for pleasure in many areas in the Caribbean when cruising the Western and Southern hemispheres.

“My success in PlanNet Marketing is contributed to being consistent, coachable, fearless, and having awesome mentors. I have found that in order to achieve results in this business, I have to continue to grind on a daily basis, plant seeds constantly, and not be afraid to talk to anyone and everyone about why I am so excited and so thankful for this opportunity. I can’t be afraid to hear NO.  I understand that eventually there will be a yes, and the no’s are merely practice. I fine tune my dialog with every no, so that the next person I speak to will have a better version of the information I want to share with them. I also do a lot of listening. Everyone has their own story, and from that I can hear what they need to make life better for them. Whatever that may be, I need to show them how I can help them make that happen. The opportunity to leave a legacy for my family keeps me pushing and moving forward to achieve my goals.”