PlanNet Marketing is proud to welcome Tisha DeShields to the 60/60 Club! Tisha DeShields portrays the image of the successful new millennium mother and businesswoman with her creativity, grace, business savvy, and ingenuity. This accomplished mother of four conceived her idea, Original Belly Works, for her unique business when she was pregnant with her fourth child. She realized that no gift could be more poignant than providing the expectant mother a way to preserve the splendor of pregnancy. While designing the sculpture, she realized that she wanted to immortalize the same memory for each of her children. She began to research the possibility of producing a copy of her pregnant form. In so doing, the idea to offer this creation to all mothers was born. Along with offering a belly casting kit, OBW offers a prefabricated fiberglass sculpture to mothers by surrogacy and adoption. Tisha is delighted to see that her creativity and business background has birthed such a unique business. Tisha currently has five patents and Original Belly Works is the only business of its kind offering the fiberglass sculpture.

Tisha is good at making linear income, however she knew there was a better way out there. In her quest to be the best 'MOMpreneur", she knew she had to position her family in such a way that they could benefit from residual income. In so doing, she decided to give network marketing a try. Tisha is what some may call a “new face” in the industry. With just over four years experience in the travel industry, she has earned the honor of becoming a Two-Star Director in PlanNet Marketing while reaching One-Star Director in the first 40 days of PlanNet Marketing’s launch, indicating she is one of the founding members. She has totally embraced this "new way" of thinking on how to earn income. She is the evidence that you can wear all the hats, be "SuperMom" and wear the "S" on your chest and still incorporate this business into your everyday life.

Tisha is eager to educate others on the power of leverage in this incredible industry of travel. Her goal is to (1) Empower as many women as she can on their journey to financial freedom and (2) Have fun while doing business and (3) Show women how they can live UNAPOLOGETICALLY OUT LOUD and ON PURPOSE!!!