PlanNet Marketing congratulates Andre Sinclair on achieving his second Director’s star! Andre was born and raised in London, England; he is a father of two and very much a family man. Andre is a professional songwriter/performing artist with interests in music, media, fashion, and travel. A fun fact: in 2012 Andre had a Number 1 hit single in the U.S masspool Dance Chart!
Over the past few years he has travelled to a number of the Spanish Islands as well as to Amsterdam, Portugal, Morocco, and the United States, just to name a few. He loves to experience different cultures of the world, which he calls life lessons. 
He tells us, “My success is driven by my family, being able to secure my children’s future and to help others do the same. Attending events, being consistent, being knowledgeable about your product, and being a servant to others will have a great impact on the growth of your business.


Welcome Two-Star Directors Greg and Carla Scott to the PlanNet Marketing 40/40 Club! The couple resides in Upper Marlboro, MD and are the proud parents of two children, ages 13 and 24. This power couple has been in the travel and direct sales industry for over ten years. In the beginning they wanted to take advantage of the benefits of being travel professionals. While they wanted to travel the world, they also realized that it would be wise for them to create a “Plan B” to add to their financial portfolio. The Scotts knew it just made sense for them to take advantage of a business opportunity that would allow them to have multiple streams of income in one of the largest industries in the world…TRAVEL!

Greg and Carla work very demanding full-time careers with the Federal Government that has caused them to work together to balance those demands with family life, church obligations, and other responsibilities. Greg focuses on the marketing side of the business and Carla is the travel expert. As they focus on their individual areas of expertise, their business is growing with new business partners and travel clients at the same time.  Over the course of time, several of those travel clients have made the transition to becoming business owners.  

Greg and Carla started out with PlanNet Marketing on the day the company launched. They had a clear understanding that this was a ground level opportunity. As true pioneers for the company, they realized that the journey was not going to be easy. They were willing to roll up their sleeves and take a leap of faith for the good of their future. The decision to come to PlanNet Marketing was tied directly to their personal and professional relationship with the company’s Founder and true visionary, Donald Bradley.

Being a 40/40 Club Member was never a goal that Greg and Carla put in front of themselves. They had a clear understanding of the timing and positioning that PlanNet Marketing could afford anyone who was serious about their future. As a result, they were going share this business opportunity with as many people as possible. They never wanted it to be said by anyone who they came in contact with or had a relationship with that they never told them about PlanNet Marketing. From the time that PlanNet Marketing launched, Greg and Carla Scott have personally sponsored well over 40 individuals who have come under their leadership.  Getting that many people in their organization directly was a result of the relationships and the respect that others had for them. It was also accomplished as a result of the many sideline relationships that they have fostered with other leaders in the company over the years.
They contribute their success in the industry to helping people reach their goals. What it comes down to for them is putting people before profit. They are excited about their future with PlanNet Marketing. Their goal is to continue to help as many families as possible who really want it, to reach their financial goals, change their lives, and create an above-average lifestyle.