Compliance Corner

Are There Mulligans in Life?

In the game of golf, players are offered a chance at one “do over” or Mulligan, to help their game. What if it were so easy to get a do over in life? Did you say the wrong thing? Post something you wish you hadn’t? Did you get frustrated with your spouse, child or business partner?

We all make mistakes. It’s the way we handle them that matters most. You probably don’t ask for a Mulligan when you run a red light or violate a PlanNet policy. But how do you react? Are you defensive? Or are you humble? Do you try to explain away the mistake? Or do you take responsibility and move forward?

Here are some practical ways to handle your mistakes (without needing a Mulligan):

1) Know the Rules. Every week I write about our PlanNet Policies and Procedures so you can have a better knowledge and understanding of the rules. Each and every one of you have agreed to these rules. When you enrolled as a PlanNet Rep, you checked a little box stating that you have read and agree to the policies – but did you really read them? I mean did you ACTUALLY open up the rules and read them all? HMMMM???? I didn’t think so. Some of you might have opened the document, started to read it, saw it was a little bit longer than anticipated, closed it and you’ve never looked back. I know how it is, life is busy – and reading the rules just doesn’t seem that important. I mean, you aren’t going to break them anyway. You aren’t doing anything wrong or illegal…that you know of.

2) Read my Articles. Each week you have the opportunity to read a quirky article about one rule from that large document – and I explain it for you. That seems like an easy way to know your rules and you don’t have to put in a single ounce of effort. Score!

3) Respond Appropriately. If you do break a rule, or if there’s a complaint thrown your way, I’ll probably send you an email. Please read the email and respond. I promise not to get mad at you, threaten you, or make you feel bad. I’m just gonna tell you what’s happened and what we need to do to fix it. Don’t ignore my emails or calls though – PLEASE. If you ignore me, I won’t go away, I’ll just keep coming back. Eventually, ignoring me could get you, and your business, into a lot of trouble.

When we make mistakes in our lives, personal and professional, the best choice is to respectfully own your actions and try again.

Apologize for raising your voice, remove that non-compliant post, pay your ticket and learn from your mistakes and missteps. Forgive yourself and show grace to others.

~Amanda Restivo, VP, Compliance --