Compliance Corner

Incentive Pricing? Think Again!

Incentive Pricing? Think Again!

It might be tempting to make the sweet offering of the InteleTravel Independent Travel Agency even sweeter by offering your own “sale price” or “offers” granting advantages in pricing that PlanNet Marketing is not offering – but you better think again, folks. Don’t do it!

PlanNet Marketing doesn’t allow our Reps to offer special enticement advertising or incentive pricing. You must only advertise and sell ITAs at company published prices. This means you cannot give any prizes, cash back, travel vouchers, etc. to anyone in order to convince them to buy an ITA from you.

We believe the ITA doesn’t need to be incentivized! ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW?! If someone doesn’t see the enormous value found in this amazingly priced product, move on to someone who sees the value! But we do understand that incentives and prizes can be helpful in building your brand and getting your business name out there. You are allowed to offer prizes or incentives – you just can’t tie that incentive to a purchase.

Examples of Compliant Incentives:

  • Attend my upcoming Zoom presentation and get your name entered in a drawing for a gift card!

  • Join my new Facebook group and ask three questions about my business to receive a travel voucher.

  • Schedule a Three-Way call with me and my business partner (upline) to earn a three-day, two night trip.

As long as you are using the incentive to expose people to the business – and not sell the ITA – then you are good to go!

We want you to be a success in building your PlanNet Marketing Business and we want you to have a superior product to sell at an excellent price! Just make sure that price – is our price.

For questions about specific incentives you want to offer, please email We are happy to help you plan a successful and compliant strategy!