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2022 Income Disclosure Statement

PlanNet Marketing is committed to integrity and transparency in our business – we have absolutely nothing to hide! In an effort to operate our business at the highest standards, we have published an Income Disclosure Statement (IDS) for 2022.

The IDS can be found in various places on the PlanNet Marketing website and in our corporate presentation. It's also available for you to view and download in Resources in the Rep Virtual Office. If you want to send it to someone electronically, it can be found at

According to best practices, we should use this document ANY time we're talking about (or writing about) compensation earned with PlanNet Marketing. The IDS shows the facts about income earned at various levels of accomplishment with PlanNet Marketing. We don't expect our Reps to speak in depth on the IDS, simply present it when you're talking about earning any type or amount of compensation with PlanNet Marketing – and let the statement do the talking. If you post something on social media that discusses income, you should include a link to the IDS in the post.

We believe the IDS can be a strong marketing tool; it shows that while the "average" Rep in 2022 earned $41.69 for the whole year, a small amount of extra effort to become a Bronze Builder bumped that earning potential to an average of $844.43, Silver Builders averaged $2,414.11 and Gold Builders averaged $4,938.78! Numbers don't lie.

Specific questions about the IDS and its use can be sent to

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-- Policies and Procedures Section 3, located in your Virtual Office in the Information Center (go to Resources, then Legal Documents).
~Amanda Restivo, VP, Compliance --