Compliance Corner

…And The Two Shall Become One

PlanNet Marketing has rules about how Spouses can do business – basically our rules say that spouses should only have one Rep account between the two of them. Seems simple enough, right? But we get a lot of questions about this one.

First, let’s remember that PlanNet Marketing treats Spouses as ONE Rep – that means every rule or policy governing Reps applies to both Spouses as One. If your wife does something that violates policy, the consequences apply to you, too. If your husband wants to change sponsors, you both must follow sponsorship rules.

Let’s look at the actual policy about Spouses, it says “Spouses (defined as spouses, domestic partners, common-law couples) may not enter into or have an interest in more than one PlanNet Marketing business. In order to maintain the integrity of the PlanNet Marketing Compensation Plan, Spouses who wish to have an IR account must be jointly sponsored as one PlanNet Marketing business. Spouses, regardless of whether one or both are signatories to the IR Application and Agreement, may not own or operate any other PlanNet business, either individually or jointly, nor may they participate directly or indirectly (as a shareholder, partner, trustee, trust beneficiary, or legal or equitable owner) in the ownership or management of another PlanNet business in any form.”

1)      What are Spouses? If you’re married, you are obviously Spouses. But PlanNet Marketing also considers common-law couples and domestic partners as spouses. A domestic partner refers to someone other than a husband or wife with whom you are in a committed, serious and usually permanent relationship. Please consider your future – if you’re engaged you might be eligible to hold two separate Rep accounts, but if you plan to be married soon and want to work your business together and be recognized for your achievements together, you may want to start with a shared Rep account.


2)      What if we use different addresses? Or if we don’t have the same name? The address where you live, or even your last name doesn’t make you a Spouse or not a Spouse – it is solely based on your relationship with your significant other.

3)      What if my Spouse just canceled their Rep account and I want to enroll with a different Sponsor? As PlanNet Marketing sees the two Spouses as one Rep – they are bound to follow Sponsorship rules as one. This means that if one spouse cancels, the other must wait four months before enrolling with a new Sponsor. It doesn’t matter if only one person was previously working that first Rep account – you are Spouses and in PlanNet Policy, you’re One Rep. PlanNet Marketing must enforce this rule to keep our business running with integrity and transparency.

4)      Can we each have our own ITA account? YES! InteleTravel requires Spouses to each have their own Agent account. This means that while PlanNet Marketing requires a shared Rep account, each person may choose to purchase their own ITA to sell travel.

PlanNet Marketing understands that there can be circumstances that need to be looked at individually. If you or your Spouse have any further questions about this or any of our policies, please feel free to email us at

 -- Policies and Procedures Section 5.11, located in your Virtual Office in the Information Center (go to Resources, then Policies and Procedures).
 ~Amanda Restivo, VP, Compliance --