Congratulations Natalie Graham and Shedrick White!

Six Figures Earned in One Month!

Congratulations to Six-Star Directors Natalie Graham and Shedrick White, who have earned six figures in one month! What an awesome achievement! Thank you for setting the example and showing what is possible!


Please help me in congratulating my brother in success. The one who paved the way... A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS 🍾 to Shedrick White. ~Natalie Graham

That's awesome! Congratulations! Natalie Graham, paving the way, showing what's possible. ~Shedrick White

If you can’t change the people you’re around, change the people you’re around. I am so very proud of Natalie Graham and Shedrick White. I’ve had a front row seat and watched both of them go through their process of changing their family’s financial bloodline. After I boarded the plane and took my seat on my early morning flight this morning, it really dawned on me what they have accomplished thus far. What’s really exciting is that this is only the beginning. My heart is truly full because I know their stories. Congratulations again Natalie and Shedrick!!! I love and appreciate both of you. ~Orlanda Moore