Congratulations to Brenda Whinnett for Achieving the 40/40 Club!

Meet Brenda!

PlanNet Marketing is pleased to welcome Brenda Whinnett to the 40/40 Club! Brenda tells us, "I am a mum to a very beautiful and lively little diva, 9-year-old Sienna-Rose. I am also a fur mamma to a gorgeous and very cuddly Staffordshire Blue dog, Prince. They are my absolute world and very much keep me on my toes. Like most mammas I want the absolute best for them. They are my motivation, my why! I really want my daughter to believe that dreams can come true if you work hard enough. I want her to have the best , to have amazing experiences, to travel the world with her mamma and be secure in her future.

"I have been a Youth Worker for over 22 years, since I was 18 years old. After a quite difficult childhood, I was set on helping other young people. It’s all I have ever known. I volunteered from 18, studied and gained a first-class degree in psychology and criminology and have had an extremely successful and rewarding career. I have worked with and helped so many young people and I absolutely loved what I did. Then lockdown hit and like it did for many, it made me re-evaluate. I got used to and started to enjoy being at and working from home, realised how exhausting my role actually was, started questioning whether this was what I wanted to do forever. The money wasn’t great and as a single mum I was just getting by. I wanted more. During lockdown my mum’s health also deteriorated and suddenly I was called on to be a carer. Things started to look very different. Mum couldn’t help with my daughter and now instead I needed to help with her. I knew I needed to do something different and change my situation but wasn’t sure what was possible. I lacked confidence after doing the same thing for many years.

"That was until I came across this opportunity and I am so so glad and grateful that I did! I can honestly say it’s the best thing I have ever done, it’s been seriously life changing and I haven’t even started! TBH I had an up and down first year, letting life and its challenges take over. I wasn’t consistent or confident, but I have really found my feet this last year and for me and now there’s no looking back. I'M LOVING IT! I plug into every challenge, stick to my DMO no matter what I have going on and am waking up fired up and motivated….well most days :)

"My confidence has increased ten-fold. I have massively grown through daily mindset and affirmations and am pushing myself to deliver presentations, share my story, am growing my skills in network marketing and to have regular calls with prospects and it's working for me. I have met so many amazing and inspiring people and am so very grateful for their continued support. I am also loving supporting my team and sharing my learning with them.

"I can afford a few more treats and to pay off holidays for my daughter that I never thought possible and that means the absolute world to me. I am now saving for my dream car – a teal BMW and am working towards being able to afford to take this business full-time. I badly need the time and financial freedom and I literally can’t wait! At times it can be a struggle making it all work around my full-time role, being mum and home life and helping mum but I’m now super strict with my time management and time blocking. Basically, have replaced Netflix and wasted time with growing my business. 

"I am so excited for the future and have my sights now set on Director in Training by the end of July and then onto Director and beyond!"