Congratulations to Carmella Freeman for Achieving One-Star Director!

Meet Carmella!

Congratulations to Carmella Freeman for achieving One-Star Director! Carmella tells us, "I'm a determined and passionate wife with three daughters and two grandkids from Pittsburgh, PA. I have a deep love for exploring the world, indulging in delicious cuisine, reading captivating books, and enjoying the experience of shopping. I have a special fondness for basketball, having played as a competitive point guard. Family is incredibly important to me, and I have traveled to various locations such as Aruba, Jamaica, Bahamas, and numerous states, supporting my kids' track and field pursuits. 

"Driven by a desire for duplication, I have closely followed Directors who ignite their interests and have remained focused on my purpose each day. With a strong sense of responsibility towards those relying on me, I've embraced a blueprint laid out for success within the culture of PlanNet. Actively engaging in activities such as Saturday leadership calls, IMV, Bootcamp, and the reading room, I continually stay connected and motivated. The experience of Eagle Weekend has further fueled my hunger for success.

"Despite my hard work in corporate America not yielding the desired results, I have found a rewarding outlet in the PlanNet business. With gratitude towards Mr. Bradley for providing this opportunity, I now witness my efforts finally paying off."