PlanNet Cares Awareness

PlanNet Cares Awareness

PlanNet Cares Awareness Campaign 2022 #2
July 30, 2022

On behalf of the PlanNet Cares Foundation, we again would like to take a brief moment to wish you a continued Happy and Safe Summer. We also would like to express our sincerest gratitude for all your contributions that help us provide additional resources for homeless women and children living in shelters.

Due to your continued donations, the PCF has been able to assist several shelters in the US and our shelter in the UK with their back-to-school needs for the children. We know if we can give a child a head start with school supplies, we can ease the burden of shelter life. We have also been able to partner with other organizations to assist with their back-to-school initiatives for children in less than fortunate situations. As the summer comes to a close, we look to assist with more of their emergency living expenses as well as their holiday wish lists for both the women and children.

When we see others in need, let’s evaluate whether we might have something to share. Your donations – however large or small – will always be appreciated and put to good use.

Kindly enjoy the pictures below showcasing some of our past efforts and events.

Thank you and bless you for caring. Please feel free to visit our website at

 Kwanya Martin, President & The entire PlanNet Cares Foundation Board

Donald Bradley, Co-Director
Deborah Bradley, Co-Director
Cynthia Shelton, Treasurer
Jassy McBride, Secretary
Trudy Scott, Vice-President
Andy Cauthen
Taryn Sinclair
Joy Dawkins
Tanya Parker
Tonya Parker-Fulwood
Lisa Works
Ferne Sapp
Tia Ervin
Yolanda Rollins

PlanNet Cares Foundation seeks to transform lives by assisting in providing essential needs for women and children who are homeless and living in shelters.  PlanNet Cares’ goal is to ensure homeless women and children have the necessities and encouragement that they need during a very critical time in their lives.