PlanNet Cares Weekend 2022 Recap!

PlanNet Cares and PlanNet Marketing Co-Founder Deborah Bradley:
It was a great day! #plannetcaresday2022

From Two-Star Director Tanya Parker:
With the Board of Directors Kwanya Hall-Martin and Jassy Mc Bride. My friends, NFL Wide Receiver for the Jets, Falcons, and Steelers, Terrance Mathis, and his wife Arnedia Mathis, came out to show support.

From PlanNet Cares President and Three-Star Director Kwanya Hall-Martin:
At the end of a great PlanNet Cares Day Event, the best part is giving back. PLANNET CARES FOUNDATION left the community gym with 25 basketballs and 5 ball racks to be used by the youth and families that visit the gym daily. Thank you staff and friends at Smyrna Community Center. Because of you we were able to raise funds and bring awareness for homeless women and children living in shelters in the UK and US and much more to come. Thank you Co-Directors Deborah Bradley & Donald Bradley for your vision!! #wecare #plannetcaresday2022 #PlanNetCares #PlanNetMarketing #PlanNetProud

From PlanNet Cares Secretary and Three-Star Director Jassy Mc Bride:
Shout out to all those who participated in our 2nd Annual PlanNet Cares Day Walk across the US, UK and Jamaica! We appreciate all those who helped and donated to assist homeless women and children in shelters! It's been an honor to serve on the Executive Board and we look forward to supporting many more shelters in additional locations across the country! Here are some highlights from the Atlanta team with our Board Members, loved ones and friends! Cheers to our PlanNet Cares Founders Mr. Donald Bradley and Mrs. Deborah Bradley! Thank you for allowing us to help bring your vision to life in assisting those in need! You still have time to donate at 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 Blessing to you!

From Four-Star Director Ferne Sapp:
IT’S NOT TOO ⏰ LATE‼️ Today is all about supporting Women with Children in shelters. We are walking to support them - you can too! Donate today - What an AMAZING day for an AMAZING cause!! Reflecting and enjoying fellowship with my business partners. We just finished up our #PlanNetCares Day Virtual 5K Walk. Thank you Mr. Donald Bradley & Mrs. Deborah Bradley for your vision and heart to help women with children in shelters. We are honored to be a part of the #PlanNet 🌎 #PlanNetProud

PlanNet Cares Day … Part 2: My heart ❤️ is soooo EXCITED and OVERJOYED today! To be a part of a company, PlanNet Marketing, that supports and cares for women who live in shelters with their children is one of the very reasons why I’m living! Join me today in donating to …it’s a worthy cause that changes lives! #PlanNetCares

From Three-Star Director Joy Dawkins:
Walking for a cause! Kicking off a second incredible year of PlanNet Cares: Teams from around the nation are starting their weekends by giving back to the community and connecting with each other. Stay tuned this weekend for more of what's going on around the PlanNet! #joytotheworld #ICanChangeYourLife #PlanNetCares

Part 2, Day 2....PlanNet Cares Free throw and 3pt Competition! Go to for the LIVE broadcast.... #joytotheworld #PlanNetCares #ICanChangeYourLife

From PlanNet Marketing Rep Mildred Herrington:
We love what we do, supporting others. Today is our 5K walk/run, supporting women and children in shelters. Donations -

Our basketball free throw & 3 points challenge fundraiser. It has been amazing and of course the winner for both is our founder Mr. Donald Bradley!

From One-Star Director Maria Richardson:
Our visionary Donald Bradley shows us how to make a living by living but the heart and center of it all is to help others! Deborah Bradley Thank you for placing this amazing organization in place to help so many MOTHERS and CHILDREN! It truly is bigger than us and is personal to me in a way that many will never understand 💕 PlanNet Marketing PlanNet Cares Day 2022 Help make a change in a Woman’s and Child life today ! Click the link

From One-Star Director LaDonna Spratley:
What an Amazing Beautiful day for a worthwhile cause! We love what we do!! Today is our 5K walk/run, supporting women and children in shelters. Donations welcomed ⬇️ 🧡💙 #PlanNetCares

Part 2 of PlanNet Cares Day 2022 was simply Amazing! Free throw and 3pt Contest 🏀🏀🏀 It was a beautiful day for an awesome cause.

From PlanNet Marketing Rep Lisa Works:
It's the Works Girls walking for a great cause!! Women with Children in shelters. You can help too by making a donation to #PassportParis #PlannetCaresDay2022 #TeamWorks

From One-Star Director Sheila Peterson:
🤗PlanNet 5K Walk today! We're supporting and paying it forward for Women, Children and Families living in Shelters. I'm so grateful to be part of a Business Corporation family that believes in giving back and serving the community. We showed up across the Globe!👏🏾Support Give and Share! ❤

From Four-Star Director Nina Vital:

From One-Star Director Taryn Sinclair:
PlanNet Cares Day 2022! 🧡💙 Today we went out and did a 5K run / 1 mile walk all in aid of PlanNet Cares, a charity set up to help single women with children living in shelters. This is an amazing cause, to help these ladies restart in the best way they can, and help give the children the start in life they deserve. If you can, please donate, any amount is great, because every penny counts 😍 Please donate at: Thank you!!!! ✨ We did it! PlanNet Cares Day 2022!

From Four-Star Director Louise Gatland:
What a way to start the day. A 5k run (well attempted run) All for a phenomenal charity. PlanNet Cares helps homeless woman and children, we have shelters across the USA and UK helping those that need it x The pain and discomfort I felt today is nothing in comparison to what these families go through. Please if you can donate #plannetcaresday2022 #plannetcares2022

From One-Star Director Matt Gatland:
Honoured to take part in our annual PlanNet Cares Charity Fun Run. 🏃‍♂️ Completing our 5k Run. An incredible charity for single mums providing shelter for them and their children. Every little bit counts. #PlanNetCares #EveryLittleHelps #funrun2022 #plannetcaresday2022 #plannetcares2022

From Three-Star Director DeJoiré Benson:
I began the day by walking with some of my Sister Friends, in honor of single women, living in shelters, with their children. It is a privilege to GIVE back! As a product of a single mother, I realize that, but for the grace of God, there goes I! I am proud to be part of a company who has a philanthropy arm such as PlanNet Cares Foundation! To donate, please go to: Fundraiser #1 is in the books. My 2nd fundraising event is loading tonight! Stay tuned. #plannetcaresday2022

PlanNet Cares Day #2 It’s going down from the West Coast!!! #plannetcaresday2022 #MarchMadness

From Two-Star Director Tandisizwe Rhone:
PlanNet Cares virtual walk day is here❣️❣️ All over the PlanNet we are out in our 2nd annual PlanNet Cares weekend of giving back❣️Sandra and I saddled up and will be at the trail head for our “hike”…..High Desert style❣️Proud to be part of a compassionate community that gives back….to single Women and Children in shelters ❤️❤️. You can ALSO support with your tax deductible contribution to you Deborah Bradley and Donald Bradley for your VISION and caring hearts. #plannetcares2022 #PlanNetProud

From PlanNet Marketing Rep Alice Ward:
Good afternoon & happy Saturday family & friends🥰 It's PlanNet Cares Foundation weekend 2022! We are walking a 5K to help those in need! Shout to our phenomenal 1st Lady, Mrs. Deborah Bradley, the founder of our PlanNet Cares Foundation. Its mission is to seek to transform lives by assisting in providing essential needs for women and children who are homeless and living in shelters in the U.S. & the UK. Show these families some love by donating a one-time or monthly monetary gift ❤ Your support is appreciated. #PlanNetCares #PlanNetProud

From Three-Star Director Kerry Patterson:

From Two-Star Director Robin Loving:

From Three-Star Director Denesha Bailey:
PlanNet Cares Day 2022! Today we are walking for a cause! Team Jamaica out loud and proud! #plannetcares2022 #plannetcaresday2022

From PlanNet Marketing Rep Natasha Willis:
We are a part of an organisation that helps families globally. Our founder Mr Bradley knew he had to do this #plannetcaresday2022 in order to assist these homeless moms with a brighter future for their child/ren. Shout to my coach and mentor Denesha Bailey and team Jamaica, they did it for a worthy cause.

From Five-Star Director Letoria Mayberry:
Walking for a cause. I love the fact that not only has PlanNet created an opportunity to help people gain wealth but also believes in giving back to people in need! My biggest dream has always been to be a philanthropist now I’m able to give! Thank you PlanNet Marketing for this amazing opportunity! This just adds to just one of the many ways I’m able to give back! You can give as well! PlanNet Cares Foundation seeks to transform lives by assisting in providing essential needs for women and children who are homeless and living in shelters. PlanNet Cares’ goal is to ensure homeless women and children have the necessities and encouragement that they need during a very critical time in their lives. Click the link below to give’

From Two-Star Director Lanita Jones:
PlanNet Cares Day 2022!! What an amazing cause supporting women and children living in shelters!!! I am grateful to be a part of organization that gives back! Thank you PlanNet Marketing for founding PlanNet Cares!! It’s a blessing to be a blessing❤️ #PlanNetCaresDay2022 #PlanNetCares2022 #givingback #5K #PlanNetProud

From PlanNet Marketing Rep Jawana Thomas:
Got our walk on for the cause today! PlanNet Cares Foundation I am asking my friends to visit the link above or Text PLANNETCARES to 41444 to make a donation for this amazing cause! PlanNet Cares Foundation seeks to transform lives by assisting in providing essential needs for women and children who are homeless and living in shelters. Thank you Mrs. Deborah Bradley and Mr. Donald Bradley for your vision and passion for helping others. It is truly an honor to be a part of this movement.

From PlanNet Marketing Rep Lorna Hicher:

From Three-Star Director Gregory Scott:
I got in over 22 miles for the 2022 PlanNet Cares Weekend. It was for a great cause…Women in shelters with children! The head wind, tail wind, and side wind were a struggle today. It was nothing compared to the challenges that these families face every day. Listen to the video…you can make a donation at #PlanNetCaresDay2022