Recap Roundup!


From Five-Star Director Eileen Ross:
Nashville showed up and showed out! 🔥🔥


From Three-Star Director Gregory Scott: 
The Raleigh Super Saturday was lit…packed out  with business partners and guests. The leaders pour wisdom and knowledge until cups ran over.  We are on a Mission and part of a Movement that is changing lives!  #WeArePlanNetProud #WeCanChangeYourLife

From One-Star Director Natisha McCarver:
A Super Saturday Indeed!!  #PlanNetProud Raleigh NC showed up, showed out & the tickets Sold Out !!🔥🔥 It was a true blessing to serve with some of the most incredible people in this fantastic company  and to learn from the industry's most phenomenal top leaders. Many thanks to our Raleigh PlanNet Family for welcoming all guests and business partners with style, class, and professionalism.

From PlanNet Marketing Rep Denise Klark:
Soaking up knowledge from PlanNet leaders today.  Super Saturday Raleigh , NCn Received my Bronze Pin today from Director Orlanda Moore

From Three-Star Director Tanisha Burke:
The people of Raleigh showed up to learn how they can earn an additional stream of income in an $8 trillion dollar industry.  #PlanNetMarketing #InteleTravel #FinancialFreedom #TimeFreedom #PersonalFreedom


From Three-Star Director Adairia Tarver-Vinson:
📌Houston, TX SUPER SATURDAY owes us nothing‼️🔥🔥🔥Thank you Tiffany Powell, JP Watkins and Mr. Donald Bradley for an outstanding meeting/training‼️I am so grateful that I was able to serve alongside each of you‼️💯💯🙌🏽🙌🏽 💙🧡#relationshipsmatter #relationshipbusiness #meetingafterthemeeting🙌🏽 #BestCEOonthePlanNet💯 #PlanNetProud #atvmoments


From Five-Star Director Eileen Ross:
Louisville did not let a little snow stop them from hearing about this life changing opportunity! They will not be denied and we are bringing the fire!! 🔥🔥


From Three-Star Director Adairia Tarver-Vinson:
📌DFW Super Sunday was FIYAH‼️🔥🔥🔥 Today was so awesome and very special celebrating our teams newest 2 Star Director Donna Burns Susor who flew in all the way from OHIO‼️🙌🏽🙌🏽⭐️⭐️ This beautiful lady has a heart of gold, loves serving others and will not be denied‼️💯We are so grateful to have her partnership…CONGRATULATIONS again and again Director…WE ARE PROUD OF YOU‼️💯 💙🧡#KeepRising #created2serve #joinus #PlanNetProud #atvmoments


From PlanNet Marketing Rep Sheila Solomon:
About Yesterday’s NYC Super Sunday Event…We Had The Heavy Hitters, The Top Leaders In The House To Educate & Empower Us … Incredible🔥 After Six Years & Through A Worldwide Pandemic, The PlanNet Has Grown To Over 72,000 Business Partners; Created (3) Millionaires; (70 Plus) Families Earning Six Figures From 100K to 500K; and Paid Over 100 Million Dollars In Commissions, Under The Leadership of our Visionary and Founder Donald Bradley & We Are Just Getting Started! 🎯🎯 It’s Time To Dream Again … So Come Join The PlanNet Movement 🌏 Thank You Shedrick Duane White , Orlanda Moore & Donald Bradley ❤️💯 #PlanNetMarketing #PlanNetProud #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #ICanChangeYourLife

From PlanNet Marketing Rep Melissa Boone:
Sit me in the room with the millionaires. 💰 Sit me in the room with the people who talk about ideas and helping to free other people from the chains of poverty and lack‼️ Sit me in the room with people who aren't bothered by the current economy because we have a solution to help free the people. 🙌🏽🙌🏽 Yesterday's event was absolutely amazing. ✨️ Some major things are about to happen in NY. 🗽 Don't miss it. #lovewhatido #Freedom #ICanChangeYourLife

From One-Star Director Tarnisha Wynter:
Yesterday was nothing short of amazing. New York showed up & showed out with a packed house.  Was definitely grateful to our Multi-millionaire Founder, Mr. Donald Bradley, Millionaire 6 Star Director, Mr. Shedrick White and our Millionaire Coach, 6 Star Director, Mr. Orlanda Moore, for coming out and sharing this opportunity to the people of LI, along with some advanced, outstanding training. As always, it was a pleasure meeting up with my Business Partners. Who knew that a small investment and a decision I made 3.5 years ago would change my life and that of so many others..... #legacy #nextlevel #keepwatchingusorjoinus


From PlanNet Marketing Rep Charmaine Denise Williams:
After being away for 2 years due to the pandemic, Ohio was ready!!  Packed house, guests signed up on the spot!! Let’s go Team O-H-I-O!!! Thank Pastor Sapp for blessing us today and always! Thank you  J.P. Watkins-Mukes for all of your continued support. Special thanks to Judy Harris-Van Dyke, Tomekya Tyus, and everyone else who helped today. We definitely appreciate you all 🙏🏾❤️


From Two-Star Director André Sinclair:
Portugal was a Movie 🎬 What an amazing weekend with so many amazing people🔥This weekend we took nearly 100 travel professionals to Lisbon, Portugal to experience the product of travel and be educated about the power of our online business. Culture, lifestyle, travel, fun and fellowship 🔥 Being able to pour in and give value to so many people who are hungry to take their business to the next level was an honour. Thank you to everybody who attended this event and a special thank you to Taryn Sinclair, John Da Costa, Toby Dacosta and David Dacosta for your servant leadership and for organising it🙏🏽Also a special thank you to Leah Lockett for a stella training 🤩 📆 In just over 70 days we get to do it all over again but bigger and better in Gibraltar  at The Sunborn Yacht Hotel.  🔥🔥🔥

From One-Star Director Taryn Sinclair:
What a weekend!!! 💥💥💥💥I feel so full right now, so blessed to have spent an amazing weekend with some incredible people!!! 🤩 This weekend we took 100 travel lovers to Lisbon, Portugal. We had fun, created memories, and strengthened and cemented the relationships already formed 😍 I was blessed to be able to pour into everyone through our training with my amazing husband, André Sinclair, as well as learn from the stellar trainings presented by David Dacosta, John Da Costa & Leah Lockett. Thank you to everyone who came, you truly made it a special one! ✨ I’m super excited to do it all again in Gibraltar, but this time with my mentor Eileen Ross with us too! 😍See you there…!

From Three-Star Director David Dacosta:
Why do I need to build a team? I don’t want to recruit people!!! Well anything in life is harder when you do it alone!!! My $1000 drone was stuck in the tree👀 But because I was not alone and had a team EVERYTHING worked out. Some people started shaking the tree. Someone gave my brother John Da Costa a piggy back. My brother was able to shake the tree higher up to make the drone fall back down. Someone filmed it . Some people had a blanket ready to catch it. Some people stopped the traffic. I was able to catch the falling drone. Someone helped me pick up my sapphire ring that dropped when I caught the drone. So together the TEAM got it done…. This would have been impossible if we didn’t have a team!!

From One-Star Director John Da Costa:
Wow 🤩 What can I say about the Portugal Experience? It was everything it was designed to be and more!  Our amazing group of TravelPros had the most amazing time words truly cannot describe! 😍 Here’s a summary of what we experienced: 
🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏽New Friendships made 
🤝🤝New Business Partnerships formed 
🌎🌎New experiences uncovered 
✈️✈️Fears of Travelling broken 
🤗 🤗Fears of not being accepted Trashed 
🙏🏾🙏🏾Fears of not being good enough Burned 
💪💪Plans to change lives in motion 
📈📈Plans to Grow Big Businesses established 
🔥🔥Plans to go ALL IN In progress 
Lisbon we arrived in anticipation and left truly full!  A huge thank you to our wonderful organisation team David Dacosta, Taryn Sinclair, Toby Dacosta, André Sinclair🙌🏾 We’re excited to be heading to Gibraltar in May where we get to experience it all again but BIGGER! But before then we make an incredibly important stop at Birmingham for our Super Saturday event with the amazing Eileen Ross 😍 I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s continued success unfold!




From Three-Star Director Gregory Scott: 
Great meeting in Maryland tonight!  The stars came out (the guest) and the leaders delivered in a major way.  There is so much more to come as we change the lives of the masses.  #WeArePlanNetProud


From Two-Star Director Alfred Ingram:
I love what I do. The most professional, passionate, & polished entrepreneurs from coast to coast….continent to continent! #PlanNetMarketing #PlanNetProud #alfredingram

From Three-Star Director Jassy Mc Bride:
Our weekly events in Atlanta keep increasing with every week we connect! We now have over 200+ attendees gathering together to discuss the power of entrepreneurship within the world of the Travel Industry! Thank you again Mr. Donald Bradley for sharing your vision with us and now empowering over 70,000 worldwide! #employeetoentrepreneur #international Relationships are the REAL currency!🔥💰🌎