Recap Roundup!


From Six-Star Director Natalie Graham:
The PLANNET IS ON 🔥🔥Veni. Vidi. Vici. #PlanNetMarketing

From Three-Star Director Gregory Scott:
7 Figure Success Training in Atlanta today definitely exceeded the expectation of everyone in attendance. It was all about the focused journey that people are putting in regarding building wealth.  #WeArePlanNetProud #LegacyBuilding

From Three-Star Director Kwanya Hall-Martin:
Serving up service to 1000+ Hungry & Humble PlanNet Marketing Reps at our 7 Figure School Training by the Founder & Visionary himself Mr. Donald Bradley! #PlanNetMarketing #PlanNetProud #PlanNetFAMILY #nextlevel

From One-Star Director Sheila Peterson:
About 7 Figure School! Is it who you know or what you know?🤔 Education shouldn't stop, because of my Age or Status. I'm truly Blessed to be surrounded by people who stretch my thinking Business and Wealth Building knowledge. Yesterday truly was an eye opener for me. Thank you my beautiful friend Queen in success Founder 3 star Director DeJoiré Benson for the Exposure!🙌🏽 #7figureschool #plannetproud #road2financialfreeedom

From Three-Star Director Joy Dawkins:
If you don't have someone in your corner, teaching you how to reach your goals, holding you accountable to the work, inspiring you to keep going and people building it with you? You and I should have a conversation! We have so much evidence that this is working, people are growing and financially winning. Let's talk.... #ICanChangeYourLife #joytotheworld #entrepreneurs

From PlanNet Marketing Rep Chanelle Wynn:
Y’all I am crying real tears! I have prayed for this day to come! God is so faithful! I have officially helped 9 Families start their business and unlocked my first level of $10 bonuses! I am so humbled and grateful for this moment! Those late nights and early mornings paid off! It doesn’t stop here! My next stop 20/20 club! Let’s CRUSH it! 🙌🏽 I cannot thank my sponsor, and 3 Star Director Angelica Turner enough for introducing me to the business! Also thank you to my millionaire mentor Orlanda Moore for encouraging me! I love and appreciate you both! Now let’s continue SETTING FAMILIES FREE! #PlanNetProud! This is ONLY the beginning ❤️ I am now a GOLD BUILDER 😭 What a way to celebrate my 2 year anniversary!

From PlanNet Marketing Rep Taneka Flowers:
Everybody isn’t built to be a entrepreneur, but everyone is made to build wealth 🖤 ~7 figure school ATL Lorie Banatte Orlanda Moore 🔥

From PlanNet Marketing Rep Beverly Freeman ;
There is something about being “intentional!” #NotLeavingItToChance #SilencingTheNoise #WalkInPurpose I’ll acknowledge and respect evidence! Today was an amazing day! #ChangingLivesOneFamilyAtATime

From Two-Star Director Katrina Cole:
✨ We’re just a small part of the greater whole. 🌎  We will take care of the PlanNet 💪🏽 because the PlanNet takes care of us. ❤️ Orlanda Moore thank you 🙏🏽 for paving the way. Your obedience was tied to all of our blessings. #teamplannetready #teamplannetproud

From PlanNet Marketing Rep C'Lyndia Davis:
If you hang around 5 confident people, YOU will be the 6th.
If you hang around 5 intelligent people, YOU will be the 6th.
If you hang around 5 millionaires, YOU will be the 6th.
This past weekend was one for the books. I attended my first 7 Figure Success School and I FINALLY got to meet one of my millionaire mentors, Coach Bae Natalie Graham, my other mentor Mr. Orlanda Moore and some of my success sisters from around the world. 🌎😘 This business has truly changed my life and will continue to change the lives of my boys, so I can’t let up. I’m going full speed. 💪🏾 I’m building that legacy. Early retirement and luxurious lifestyle, I’m coming for you! This year is about the flights, not feelings. 🏡 🚗 💰 ✈️ #MarchMadnessBegins #Mompreneur #CCC

From Two-Star Director Tandisizwe Rhone:
Most of us want the security, ability to care for loved ones well AND the LIFESTYLE that comes with a 6/7 figure income. WHEN you find those that are willing to show you HOW….you definitely will go to that place to learn. To learn and then show others. #entrepreneur #documentation #showothers #family #lifestyle

From Three-Star Director Carla Scott:
About this weekend! The Seven Figure Success School was EPIC! PlanNet Marketing visionary/CEO and seven figure income earners shared the blueprint on how to get to the next level. They are the evidence that it is possible. Next Level goals…. 📈#PlanNetMarketing #financialfreedom #WeAreChangingLives #entrepreneurship #homebasedbusiness #securethebag #teamscott

From PlanNet Marketing Rep Salada Mack:
About Saturday 2/26/2022. We had an amazing time being poured into by our top three millionaires and the visionary of PlanNet Marketing Mr. Donald Bradley at the 7 Figure Success School. The training was so insightful and empowering. Each leader gave us steps to take if we are serious about getting to 7 figures in our business. Key points they all shared were mindset, belief, work ethic, patience and consistency. #changinglives #WinningCulture #ProjectFreedom

From PlanNet Marketing Rep Kelly Williams:
About this weekend…it was nothing short of amazing‼️ The knowledge we received was priceless🥇 We weren’t talking about just income to retire; we were talking about making money that will outlast us for generations to come that we won’t see in our lifetime 👑⭐️🥇🏆 Your circle and who you’re surrounded by are very important⭐️ #PlanNetProud #PlanNetStrong #PlanNetMarketing #winning #Mindset #purpose #wemakealivingbyliving #MarchMadness #seasonofseparation

From One-Star Director Maria Richardson:
~When you want a thing, learn from those that have accomplished it and never take advice from anyone you don’t want to switch bank accounts with !~  Your network determines your NET WORTH  so get on the WINNING Team!!! Let’s get it, let's grow!!! #ConnectionIsKey #HarvestSeason

From Three-Star Director Tisha DeShields:
🗣EXCITED to get coached/trained this morning in Atlanta on how to EARN 7 FIGURES! #PlanNetProud 💙🧡 #Multiplestreams #LongTermSubstainableIncome #LapTopLifestyle If you don’t know, I’m here to tell you that there’s ALWAYS ANOTHER LEVEL! #7FigureSchool 💰

From Three-Star Director Donn Shamley:
I have a lot on my plate; like other people. But to maximize the return on my time, I evaluate what’s on my plate.  And if it doesn’t provide this type of return on investment, then it may be time to scrape some stuff off the plate.

From Three-Star Director Yvette Green:
In the words of my great grandmother years ago. "Show me your company and I can tell you who you are." This is and has been my company for the past 6 years. ATL is absolutely Ah-mazing!!

From Three-Star Director Tanisha Burke:
7 Figure Success School was AMAZING! I have been a part of a few different network marketing companies in the past and hands down, PlanNet Marketing sets the standard for the industry on many levels, especially when it comes to training! When you learn more you earn more. #PlanNetMarketing #PlanNetProud

From One-Star Director Cynthia Shelton:
Satur-day Live! It's all about the Figure. 1000+ gathered to earn while we learn, from the best in the business. If what you're doing now won't earn you 7 figures in the next five years … Newsflash!! You need to do something that will.

From Three-Star Director Lorie Banatte:
About this weekend 🔥 7 Figures Success School was TOP NOTCH 🙌🏾 Room full of Champions who are winning with a 7 figure blueprint that's already produced 3 millionaires in our company. Need to supplement your income? We got you. Need to make some additional funds to pay an extra bill or have play money for leisure? We got you. Want to add an additional $500 to your household? We got you. Want to go all the way with this and make 7 figures residually that will continue to pay your future generations residually? We got you. Beautiful thing is there is no income cap.. Whatever your financial needs are, our business provides. As long as you put in the work, we got you. You are in business for yourself but definitely not by yourself 💯 We are all going to our wealthy place together as we help as many families as we can. 🙏🏾 #ICanChangeYourLife


From PlanNet Marketing Rep Glen Townsend:
What a group of champions to be around on yesterday! Looking forward to being around more  champions this Saturday at the Men's Locker Room event! Orlanda Moore Team PlanNet Proud #PlanNetMarketing #travel #Earning&Learning

From Five-Star Director Letoria Mayberry:
Atlanta Saturday 7 figure school, Nashville Super Sunday, Huntsville Game night and back to Atlanta Tuesday for game night! We are on a mission!  And last night in Nashville was fire! March is going to be explosive! We are just getting started… #plannetproud

From Four-Star Director Ferne Sapp:
From celebrating life to creating a living…this is what we do! We are on a crusade to change lives, one family at a time. #PlanNetMarketing


From PlanNet Marketing Rep Ayonna Harris-Rayford:
We are criss-crossing the planet looking for other like-minded individuals!!! I love being surrounded by other females that will not only fix your crown but hold you accountable for keeping it corrected!!! #PlanNetProud  #changeyourmindchangeyourlifestyle #Nashville #Huntsville  #accountability


From PlanNet Marketing Co-Founder Deborah Bradley:
Wall Street Blue in Full Effect! It’s Tuesday Night Live!!!! #PlanNetMarketing #Atlanta

From Four-Star Director Ferne Sapp:
Wow!!! I’m going to say that backwards…WOW! ATLANTA on a TUESDAY NIGHT! Success leaves clues. I’m going to say it again…don’t miss this!

From Three-Star Director Kwanya Hall-Martin:
Documentation beats conversation and over 150 guests to witness it. THAT'S RIGHT, Bronze Builders, Silver Builders, Gold Builders and so many ranks in between, wall to wall, corridor to corridor. Don't miss this one, we are part of a movement to eradicate poverty, add lifestyle to life and to help and serve others.  This is March Madness on the PlanNet! **If you knew what we knew,  you would do what we do! #PlanNetFAMILY  #PlanNetProud #PlanNetMarketing #personalfreedom #timefreedom #financialfreedom #TravelIsSexy

From Three-Star Director DeJoiré Benson:
PlanNet Marketing has kicked off March Madness!  Our Founder, Chairman, and CEO, Mr. Donald Bradley, called a play 2 weeks ago. He summoned our leadership to come together from around the country, to kick off the first Tuesday night meeting for March Madness. We did not disappoint!  Many drove in from other states. Some of us flew in all the way from California and other states, to get under the spout, where the information comes out!  All 3 of our Million Dollar Earners were present, with their championship TEAMS. The focus is on Collaboration, as we move our company towards 100,000 active agents this year. We did not come to participate. We came to dominate!  It’s the culture for me! WE CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!! #plannetmarketingglobal #plannetproud #wallstreetblue

From One-Star Director Cynthia Shelton:
Oh what a night! Kicking off March Madness at the Omni Hotel at CNN, with some amazing business partners. They came from every coast to hear from our Founder and CEO, Mr. Donald Bradley. We came together to heal "our" land. #plannetproud #wearetheworld #togetherwewin

From One-Star Director LaDonna Spratley:
Tonight was Amazing!  I'm so glad I'm in position to win not only for myself but to help others as well!! This includes my son who is building his own legacy! Build your own table #purposedriven  #buildingwealth #crusade  #leadingbyexample #Synergy #MarchMadness  #Project100k #legacy #changinglives