Recap Roundup!


From PlanNet Marketing Rep Tre M. Smith:
Today was a great day! As I shared with you all prior, I recently achieved the 1st level of leadership (Gold Builder 🏅) in my Company. Today, my mentor and I Gregory Scott went to Delaware for a business event where he was able to pin me for my achievement. I was asked to share my story as I have only been in the business for 37 days. My story is simple, I followed every play my mentor called and it has led me to success. I also met for the first time, although spoken to many times over, my other mentor Orlanda Moore. When I tell you I’m standing in the company of millionaires who are coaching me how to become one. That is a LITERAL STATEMENT! If you know you deserve to live not just well, but wealthy and looking for a way to meet that, I can show you how.  DM me if you’re interested in becoming a business partner 🤝‼️ #TeamJesus #travel #PFG

From One-Star Director Veronica Hodges:
It’s a new season in Delaware, reenergized and resetting. Thank you to the Directors who presented Orlanda Moore, Letoria Mayberry, Gregory Scott and training. They are ready to go help more people!  Finish it!!!
Top reasons why you have not advanced in your business!!! 
1. No goals for business - weekly, monthly n yearly 
2. Not buying into the business - plug in training n events 
3. Excuses 
4. Some people want $$$$ change, but won’t change their life. 
5. How you do 1 thing is how u do all things 
6. You Don’t have properties set 
7. Don’t let pp drain you, value yourself 
If you feel you're worth more why do You settle?  It’s Your time your turn go get it…PlanNet Marketing #PlanNetProud #Delaware #tristate


From One-Star Director Latonya Gilliard:
What an amazing and successful weekend in Delaware and Philadelphia! They showed up and showed out💪!! Congratulations to all those that started their business!!! Huge congratulations to Cheryl Rogers on receiving her Director's jacket and to all of those who were celebrated for their promotions 👏 🙌  I am excited for the expansion in the area! Thank you Directors Orlanda Moore, Letoria Mayberry, Lanita Jones and all the business partners who played a part in this Super Saturday event... you are greatly appreciated!! ♥️ ❤ #PlanNetMarketing #LifeChanging

From PlanNet Marketing Rep Dax Jones:
This weekend was amazing Delaware and Philly showed out. As always Orlanda Moore and Letoria Mayberry, Lanita Jones, Latonya Gilliard and all the other directors and business partners did a phenomenal job showcasing the business model. Last but not least the guests!! the guests!! the guests!! Thank you for showing up for your success!!!🙌🏾 Next stop Raleigh, NC Monday night 6:30pm. I'll see y’all there 🏃🏾‍♂️🏃🏾‍♂️🏃🏾‍♂️.

From PlanNet Marketing Rep CJ Tyson:
What can I say. This weekend was awesome! It's nice when you are in the room with a bunch of winners!!! Business and fun. Invest in yourself, It will always pay off!!! When travel and vacations are just not fun but lucrative!!!! Next promotion on deck!!!!


From Four-Star Director LaTeshia Campbell:
SUPER SATURDAY-RICHMOND!! Met my business partner in person for the first time and it was great! Shook a few hands🤝 bumped a few fists 🤜🏾 🤛🏾and made new connections‼️ It’s always a pleasure meeting new faces around the PlanNet! #PlanNetMarketing

From Four-Star Director Keymone Noble:
Class is in session 📝 💰🤑 the air conditioning couldn’t keep up 😳😳😳😳😳


From Five-Star Director Eileen Ross:
Louisville did not disappoint!!  We absolutely love empowering people and they are ready to run! 🔥


From One-Star Director LaQuida Wilder:
#MoneyMonday Tonight our coach and mentor Orlanda Moore blessed his entire team just for showing up for themselves!! It pays to plug in and show up for yourself! You never know who might just bless you in more ways than one! This is our culture and the heart of our leadership!!♥️  Thanks again Mr.Moore!! #PlannetProud✨

From Three-Star Director Jassy Mc Bride:
What another great night in Atlanta! Our weekly Tuesday night meeting got moved to Monday night for this week only and we did not miss a BEAT! When you are consistently showing up a simple date change should never change your business effort! Over 130+ attendees and several guests....Goal Getters were created tonight! #imakeownersnotemployees #mindset

From PlanNet Marketing Rep Charlene Thomas:
Words cannot express my gratitude for having a coach/mentor to train and develop me to reach my potential and fulfill my purpose with such grace and love. Thank you Pastor Ferne Sapp for impacting my life by demonstrating care for families. This award is about assisting others to supplement their lifestyles and supplement their income. Helping one family at a time to gain access!! Bringing economic empowerment to communities all over the #PlanNet 🌎 Thank you TEAM!!! This is a Movement! #PlanNetProud #freedom #MissionDriven #thomastravelstyle #travelthomasstyle #personalfreedom #burningdesire #successintravel #PeopleOverProfits #carryouttheassignment #goafteryourdreams #simplytravel #kingdompreneur

From PlanNet Marketing Rep Diana Galloway:
We are in it to win! #travel




From Three-Star Director Gregory Scott:
Game Night in Maryland last night was definitely a shift for everyone. We are not here to play games. #WeArePlanNetProud #WeCanChangeYourLife