Recap Roundup!

Augusta, Chicago, San Diego, Houston, Chicago, Queens, Atlanta!



From PlanNet Marketing Rep Charlene Thomas:

When something is much bigger than you, it's called a Crusade. Life Changing opportunity! When you can be around other positive, motivated, high energy people, it's EPIC. When you share the room with your team, Priceless! Tonight’s AUGUSTA event was on fiyah πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ #economicmovement #purposedriven #energy #ProjectFreedom #lifechanging #PlanNet #peoplehelpingpeople #positiveenergy #kingdombusiness #designyourlife #thomastravelstyle


From Two-Star Director LaDonna Spratley:
The room was packed in Augusta Georgia! The first meeting of the year was Epic and truly AMAZING! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯Augusta showed up for their Success πŸ™Œ #PlannetMarketing #Augusta #CSRA


From PlanNet Marketing Rep Sonya Brown:

Yesterday evening was a Blast (as always)! Just to be in a room with ppl that have the freedoms a lot of us desire: Time Freedom, Personal Freedom, Financial Freedom feels awesome. Being a part of a company that believes in people over profits creates an atmosphere of success, for those that want it. That’s even more amazing! WE want it! Thank you 4 Star Directors Walter Powell  & Tiffany Powell for coming from Texas along with 1 Star Director Deniece Fields-Russell from Milwaukee to pour into business partners & our guests here in Chicago. They brought the πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ ‼️


From Two-Star Director Robin Loving:

Last night's San Diego Meeting was a great way to start off 2023! People want to take the Road to Financial, Personal & Time Freedom! Thank you 3 Star Directors and Top Money Earners DeJoirΓ© Benson, Erick Benson and my San Diego Brother In Success Kerry Patterson for showing the road to a room full of guests at the Jacob Center!! #calitakeover #teamwork #successisachoice #relationshipsarethenewcurrency #gettingitdonein2023


From Four-Star Director Ferne Sapp:

Houston, we have the SOLUTION ‼️ The Core Tour Kickoff was nothing short of amazing! Thank you Mr. Donald Bradley, Mr. Orlanda Moore, Mrs. Natalie Graham. Mr. Shedrick White, and Mrs. JP Watkins-Mukes for an exceptional day of personal and professional development. We were indeed challenged in our leadership, in our goal setting, and in our day to day business acumen. The CEO Recommendations are truly words of wisdom for the books! Shout out to our team of leaders and business partners that showed up for their success. 2023 will be EPIC! Thank you Mr. Walter  Powell  and Mrs. Tiffany Powell for your hospitality and servant leadership.


Question was asked, “Why aren’t there more millionaires?” The answer was, “People are just not willing to do the work.” Blessed to be in a session where these three Millionaires are willing to share what it really takes to reach my goal of Millionaire Status. I can help so many people with millions. #ittakesmillions (


From One-Star Director Maria Richardson:
The Core Tour started in full effect!! Houston was on πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯The highlight for me was to spend some time with my friend of 30 years and to welcome her to the BEST place on the PLANNET! I’ll be back Houston #MariaOnTheMove and I’m coming for it!!!! #ConnectionIsKey #MariaOnTheMove #PlanNetProud


From Five-Star Director J.P. Watkins-Mukes:
400 strong! Over 100 guests! Thank you to everyone who made the CORE TOUR HOUSTON a success! We are truly at the best place on the PlanNet! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯


From Three-Star Director Etashate Hollins:
I’m Never looking down upon people like some unfortunately did me. I’m simply looking to see who I can help pull ⬆️ with me!πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ’― HOUSTON was everything this Past Weekend !😍 Over 400 business owners and entrepreneurs came together. Learning from 6 and 7 figure Income Earners about what it truly takes to be Successful! Sometimes just being in the room makes all the difference in the World! I am so proud of everyone in HOUSTON who showed up and accepted my invite to this event & to those who missed this, trust me when I say you’re not gonna want to miss the next one ! πŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ”₯ #EverythingAlignedToMeWins  #2023WhosComingWithMe



From Three-Star Director Melodie Washington:

Chicago will not be denied. The Windy City is on fire!!!! Someone please call the fire department….it’s smoking in the building.


From PlanNet Marketing Rep Jamaal R. Smiley:

🌐 Yesterday evening was absolutely an amazing experience of growth and development at our first New York meeting of 2023 with one star director Ms. Lauren Bathea and six star director Mr. Orlanda Moore.


From PlanNet Marketing Rep Carlene Graham:
About last night.....When you surround yourself around like minded individuals who not only want to change themselves but the lives of others around the globe 🌏 the conversation is different❗️PlanNet Marketing Movement in New York. #BreakTheCycleOfGenerationalPoverty #TimeToDreamAgainNY #PrepareForTheNextGeneration


From Four-Star Director Ferne Sapp:

I LOVE when I get an opportunity to SERVE!!! Service to many leads to greatness!!! I’m thankful for every time God opens a door and extends His grace. #kingdompreneur #PlanNetProud


From Three-Star Director Kwanya Martin:
Showing up for my Success with my Sistahs and the entire PlanNet Marketing Atlanta family.  We will think and Grow Rich.   It's our time and our turn.   Don't miss the movement!! #PlanNetProud #PlanNetStrong


From Three-Star Director Jassy Mc Bride:
PlanNet Tuesdays with my fellow 3 Star Sisters in Success! #IAmMySistersKeeper #accountabilityiskey #employeetoentrepreneur "In the End We Only Regret the Chances We Didn’t Take"


From Three-Star Director Gregory Scott:
Game Night In Atlanta!  If you think for one moment that we are going to allow anyone who is following our leadership to give up on their dreams of Financial Freedom and Time Freedom, you don’t know us at all.  We are helping people Win Big!  #WeArePlanNetProud #WeCanChangeYourLife


From Three-Star Director Patricia Johnson:
I bet you thought it was convention, but this is our typical Tuesday night in Atlanta on the PlanNet!! #PlanNetMarketing 😍😍


From Two-Star Director LaDonna Spratley:
A Major Financial Shift is Happening! Business and Wealth Empowerment. Surround yourself with the people who will truly help you!! #PlannetMarketing


From One-Star Director Myron Griffin:
What started out as a room almost full has turned into standing room only!!!


From Three-Star Director Shenila Hill-Rodriguez:
My sisters in success. We had an amazing time in Atlanta last night talking travel, upgrading lifestyles and creating freedom.  We are celebrating the success of another power couple who became a part of our travel family in September and are climbing to the top in record time. #PlanNetMarketing