The Leadership Spotlight Shines On: JP Watkins-Mukes

Five-Star Director!

1. Where were you born and raised; current city; family hobbies; past business highlights.
I’m from Dayton, Ohio. I graduated from Texas Southern University in 1997 and have been a Houstonian ever since. In college I was Miss Texas Southern University 1995-96, and Miss Collegiate African American 1996-97, representing all HBCU’s. After a 20-year career in property management, I was fired as a corporate marketing director and I’ve been full-time network marketing for 8 years. I’m a new wife of two years to my husband Willie Mukes, Jr. and a bonus mom of two beautiful children. 

Business highlights….
Founding Director 
Top ten money earner for 8 years 
Convention trainer, presenter and ladies' locker room panelist 
IMV weekly trainer 
Corporate Basic Training Presenter 
Five-Star Director 
Presidential Diamond Ring wearer 
Rolex Watch recipient 
2022 Company MVP

2.​ How have you grown or personally developed since joining PlanNet?
I am so grateful our founder and CEO makes personal development a standard. If you don’t change your mind, you will never change your money. When Mr. Bradley recruited me, he put two books in my hand, and over the years I have grown tremendously. Even though I have had some success, I’m excited about who I’m becoming as I walk into millionaire status. I will not be the same and I welcome that. 

3​. What drives you​;​ what motivates you?
Everything motivates me. I’m passionate about my goals, the company’s goals. My team's goals. Eight years ago I could not even afford to join this business after losing my corporate job. I said never again will I live in lack. My mentor has a list of never agains and so do I! Poverty doesn’t look good on me…but Prosperity does! 

4. Who would you consider​ a​ role model and why?
My mentor and Coach, Mr. Donald Bradley, is a phenomenal model for excellence in this industry of network marketing. And my mother, Mrs. Ima Wideman, is the model I use for who I am as a woman, wife and mom. 

5. The three words that describe me​ best​ are​:  

  1. God’s child 
  2. Inspirational and Motivational 
  3. And simply Relentless! 

6​.​ If you had​ some sound advice to give​ to anyone​ what would​‌ ​it be? 
There is so much I could say….but the most important is to GO FOR IT! So many people come in just to book travel not understanding what they really have. Many play it safe, and play it small when they should be GOING BIG and GOING ALL IN! I am living proof this business can change your life. 

7. What does your life look like five years from now? 
We are breaking generational curses of poverty and changing the financial trajectory for thousands of families. Five years from now I will be a multimillionaire, with thousands more on my team. Many more success stories of families winning. Many more stories of people going full-time, owning their time an leaving a legacy for their families. I will be extremely active and instrumental in helping more people get what they want.