The Leadership Spotlight Shines On: Lindsay Mulhall

1. Where were you born and raised; current city; family hobbies; past business highlights.
I was born and raised in Southern California.
Current city: Buckeye, Arizona.
Family: Married with 4 children, 2 teens and twin girls, one here and one in Heaven.
Hobbies: My family and I love to travel. My hobbies consist of doing team building things, I love it!! Making lasting memories with my kids by being involved in all their extracurricular activities.  I have a passion for mental health because of experiences and helping people who God sends my way fills my heart, so I will call that a hobby. Anything to do with my church, and laughing my butt off with friends that I vibe with. I love quality time and building meaningful relationships.
Past business highlights.... I have a career in sales. I excel at things I'm passionate about. I was #1 in customers and one of the top enrollers in my last health and wellness project.  

2.​ How have you grown or personally developed since joining PlanNet?
I have really stepped into a leadership position here and built a lot of self-confidence by working alongside Three-Star Director Stephanie Cloutier. She has been an incredible mentor and friend to me and everyone I've introduced to the company. The compensation plan has given me time freedom to focus more on all the 5 areas of self-development in my life. My Faith, Family, Fitness, Friendships, and Finances. These qualities are invaluable to me and have helped me become the leader I am being featured as today.

3​. What drives you​;​ what motivates you?
Being a part of people's answered prayers. Knowing that God trusted me to help better relationships and financial peace to families. This business to me is not just about making money, it is about making leaders and bringing joy by helping people believe in themselves that anything is possible. Plus the compensation allows me to do something I love to do so it doesn't feel like work.

4. Who would you consider​ a​ role model and why?
My friend, Brandon Stevens – a Motivational Speaker and successful businessman. He inspires me to believe that nothing is impossible. A man who started as a single father and has built his life into everything he ever imagined and more. His character is what inspires me the most. He treats people with respect regardless of their status and what they can do for him. He's honest, dependable, and dedicated to his team. He practices really freakin' hard to be the strong leader he is today. He reminds us that someone else's opinion of you doesn't determine your value and your worth. And you should never let your past run you. If you want it, then go BEAST MODE and don't give up till you GET IT.

5. The three words that describe me​ best​ are​:  
Enthusiastic, Resilient and Passionate.

6​.​ If you had​ some sound advice to give​ to anyone​ what would​‌ ​it be? 
Run with like-minded people who have bigger goals than you, that you can learn from and want to see you succeed.

7. What does your life look like five years from now? 
Hopefully I'm standing next to Donald Bradley on the stage as a Five-Star Director, awarding our newest Directors.