The Leadership Spotlight Shines On: Missy Miller

1. Personal: Where you were born and raised; current city; family; hobbies; past business highlights.
I was born in Charleston, SC, a place very dear to my heart. I moved to the upstate of SC during my childhood. Presently, I reside in Mt. Carmel, TN with my six children ages 17 - 27. As a single mom, I love to give my children experiences so we travel often and enjoy cruising. When not traveling, I enjoy exploring new restaurants and local events with my friends, and reading. I'm a serial entrepreneur, author, blogger, and travel influencer. One of my passions is helping women achieve travel dreams and business success. 

2. How have you grown or personally developed since joining PlanNet?
Joining this business has been transformative. It's boosted my confidence and self-trust significantly. As a single parent, it's empowered me to provide for my family independently, reaffirming  worth and my capability to achieve my dreams. 

3. What drives you; what motivates you?
I'm driven by the role of being a single parent. My motivation stems from the desire to show my children and others that even when life hits rock bottom, it's possible to rise above it and find beauty in the ashes. I aspire to be an example to others, showing that we are responsible for our own success, no matter the challenges we encounter. 

4. Who would you consider a role model and why?
My role model is my mother, Doris Skelton. She was incredibly kind, selfless and compassionate, always helping and encouraging others to be their best. Her unexpected passing motivates me to carry on her legacy in the lives of my children and everyone I meet. 

5. The three words that describe me best are: 
Resilient, determined, and passionate.

6.  If you had some sound advice to give to anyone, what would it be?
Stay true to the reasons for starting your business, maintain your integrity and faith, and remember that you are solely responsible for your success as an independent business owner. Build a supportive community within your team, focus on giving back and watch everyone flourish. 

7. What does your life look like five years from now?
In five years, I envision myself as one of the top income earners in the company, enjoying financial security and helping my children achieve the same. I travel freely with my loved ones, inspiring and encouraging others to attain a beautiful life through determination and consistency.