The Leadership Spotlight Shines On: Sharrone Ryan

1. Where were you born and raised; current city; family hobbies; past business highlights.
I was born and raised in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, New York. I currently reside in Pasadena, Maryland. I've been married for 28 years, to my husband, Jeff, who was my first boyfriend at the age of 13 years old. We have two adult children and a two-year-old grandson. I enjoy traveling and hosting family and friends. I totally enjoy event and party planning (I am an Event Planner for the Federal Government), I am an avid karaoke singer and I absolutely love serving people through my ministry on the welcome – hospitality team and serving as one of the cooks for the homeless Food Truck and Mobile Shower Unit. I also enjoy serving my community as an Alumni Mom and Board Member as the Event Coordinator for the U.S. Naval Academy Motherhood of the Brotherhood, Inc. where I coordinate the Navy Football Parents home game Tailgates. 

2.​ How have you grown or personally developed since joining PlanNet?
I have become more accountable and manage my time much more effectively. I work a full-time job during the day where I am cut off from the world 10 hours a day – I don't have my cell phone, e-mail, or social media, so I have to be strategic about how I communicate during the day to stay connected with the team. Also, because of the limited time I have to work in this business, I had to develop the value of teamwork in a results-driven environment. I now understand that my success hinges on the success of those around me, so I developed the ability to understand people through listening for ways that I can help a need. I’m able to walk into any room, personally or professionally, and make a presence for myself - whether it’s in front of a group or one person.

3​. What drives you​;​ what motivates you?
My adult children – I am very proud of the young adults they are. I sacrificed so much while they were young because I was a teen mom and didn't have a college degree, so I chose the path of working multiple jobs (two or three jobs at a time) to make sure they had the best and different outcomes in life. Also, I had people who gave up and stopped believing in me that crippled my belief in myself, which had a negative impact on me for years. I now have the confidence to look discouragement, fear, and anything that used to hold me back in the face and say "Catch me if you can.'' I can do this and I'm going all the way.

4. Who would you consider​ a​ role model and why?
My grandmother and mother: these two ladies have shown me how to have a heart for people and the community. Both of them would give their last for their families and community. Their love, compassion, and giving ability during the roughest circumstances are unmatched. They showed me how to persevere through the hard times with strong faith – with God, you can do all things. They were/are strong women in my life. My grandmother, who was a double amputee, has been deceased for 20 years. At an early age, she encouraged me to pray and serve the community. She always had her door open, and fed the community, despite having limited resources – but she never turned anyone away. My mom taught me the importance of work ethics, giving back, and helping people by opening her home to anyone in need. This is why I have such a passion to help so many people with this amazing opportunity because it is truly changing lives.

5. The three words that describe me​ best​ are​:  
Ambitious, hard-working, and energetic. 

6​.​ If you had​ some sound advice to give​ to anyone​ what would​‌ ​it be? 
Don't give up! No matter what it looks like, go against your own grain, even when you don't feel like it. Do it anyway!

7. What does your life look like five years from now? 
Early retirement from the federal government, having more money saved than I ever imagined I would, traveling to 20 countries, and helping more and more families on their journey to financial freedom, which by doing so, would ultimately position me to become PlanNet Marketing's NEWEST 5-STAR DIRECTOR!!!