It's Our Anniversary!

Donald Bradley
Founder and Chairman
PlanNet Marketing

On this first anniversary of PlanNet Marketing, I wish to express my sincere appreciation to our international Rep group and our dynamic PlanNet field leadership, without whom we would not have accomplished what has been done in such a short time. The thing I admire most is the way we have worked together as a team these past twelve months! We came together, worked together, and have stayed together with a purpose. Henry Ford said, "If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself."

A word here about our dynamic partnership with InteleTravel and its President, James Ferrara. They have brought to PlanNet the best of the best travel businesses in the world, and PlanNet has delivered to them thousands of excited and productive travel agents. It's a complementary partnership at its finest.

A word, too, about our PlanNet corporate team - High energy, abundant talents, and vast experience - with an attitude of servitude totally devoted to you. 

We are going to highlight below some of the stats we are so proud of, but please note this: We are not resting on our short-term success even for a moment, but rather continuing to diligently plan for a better and brighter PlanNet business in 2017 and beyond.

Let's travel the PlanNet together!

Donald Bradley, Andrew Cauthen, James Ferrara

Donald Bradley, Andrew Cauthen, James Ferrara

Andrew Cauthen
President & CEO
PlanNet Marketing

In celebration of PlanNet Marketing’s first Anniversary! 

It takes a TEAM! 

Thank you, Founder and Chairman Don Bradley, for your vision and inspiration – you have led us through an exciting and memory-making first year!  

We are grateful for the partnership with InteleTravel, its President, James Ferrara, and their fine corporate team – they deliver the best travel products in the world! 

PlanNet is a company blessed with an exemplary international field leadership group – PlanNet’s Directors and Reps possess drive, experience, and a united spirit second to none. And the PlanNet corporate support group is the best ever! Skills, work ethic, an “anything it takes” attitude, and a devotion to serving our valued Reps. What an incredible and productive business environment!

As Deborah Bradley says, “The Best Place and People on the PlanNet!” Now, on to year two and 2017! 

James R. Ferrara
President & Co-Founder

It is not an easy thing to make a difference in the largest industry in the world - travel. Yet just 12 months ago a small group of men and women of vision and courage set out to do just that and here we are, one year later, a baby of a partnership, not supposed to have taken our first steps yet or uttered our first words, but having upset every record for growth and achievement I can think of from my 25 years of travel business experience. And that includes having changed the lives of thousands of families.

Perhaps I should not be surprised. In Donald Bradley and Andy Cauthen and their team of talented, dedicated Directors and staff members, we have the leadership, integrity and expertise that does change the world. For our part at InteleTravel, we have aimed - and will continue to aim - for excellence in the travel experiences, agent education and support services that made our reputation for a quarter of a century. 

As you may have heard me say over the last year, this marriage was not entered into lightly. I am happy to report the evidence is in - it has turned out to be one of the best decisions of my lifelong career. But we are not finished building - never finished. From here we reach even higher, and deliver even more value, more education, more opportunity - and more of the world! - for our PlanNet partners, travel agents and travelling customers.

Happy First Birthday to this historic partnership! Here's to 25 more years of lifting you up with innovation and great care.

PlanNet’s First Year By the Numbers!
(and they are amazing…)

And last, but certainly not least - A slideshow of memories from our first year!